Hi... sort of unique and new.

Hi to everyone. I have 3a/3b hair mixed. Look like a wildchild with collision curls and parts that are curly, parts that are merely wavy, all mixed together. It likes humidity and doesn't frizz but curls great, but in winter, it sucks-- gets all straight. It's confused and so am I as to what to do with it. I read all about texture and porousity and thickness but am still not sure which mine is. Naturally blonde, but mixed blondes, mostly ash, from medium to very light.

It looks good the day of shampooing, when I just wrap it in a towel for awhile and shake it out, not touching it with comb or brush. I've been using Matrix Curl life and Infusium Volumeology shampoos and conditioners. I tried the Suave naturals and it just made it worse--pulled the curl almost out. But the next day it looks completely different. I've started the CO with just the Curl Life conditioner. I love the smell. I sleep with a satin pillowcase.

Just got a new trim but want to grow it out long. It's straight or barely waves when short, and the longer it gets the curlier it gets so the shorter it looks. Ringlet curls when long.

That's me. :)

Lavender water doesn't seem to do anything. I don't like leave ins, they make it sticky and gooey next day. Maybe this new cut will help because it was one of those shattered cuts and looked awful. Now all the shatter part has been trimmed straight across... at an angle (layers?). Hope that helps. It seems to look better.

Looking to find how curly hair should be cut for sure because I live in a small town and don't have lots of money and there are no curly hair specialists here if I could afford them.

Well, it's nice to find a site where others have the same type of hair.



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    Welcome to Naturally Curly. Check out our curl salon page to find local stylist near you.
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    Thanks, because I've got to stop using the stuff I use since it has all those cones and sulfates in them. Should I avoid ones with alcohol, too? I haven't seen anyone mention that so it's probably ok. Just checking.

    I've looked online for a salon near me but there aren't any.
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    There are some alcohols that are just fatty acids. This includes Cetyl alcohol and Stearyl alcohol; those are actually good for your hair.
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