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I'm glad That I'm doing this! I have been going natural for about 10 months now. I finally have a head of curly hair I can talk about. Very proud of myself for growing it out...going crazy because I can't seem to handle it. Growing up with a dominican mother I feel a lot of pressure to relax my hair which can be annoying. I don't blame her my hair doesn't have very defined curls and it VERY coarse. Nape of the neck is the worst of it. About 1 week ago I went to Ouidad and got my hair done and I loved it, the stylist made is seem so simple but then I did the stupid mistake of wetting it and trying the rake and shake myself. I guess I forgot to mention that besides having curly coarse hair I have A lot! of it. ( Looks like I'm writing a novel or something) Anyways I look forward to future words of wisdom. I'll post pictures soon! Thank You!