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I'm in the same boat as you, so i would also like to hear what others suggest for breakage. so far, I've been doing ponytails and this morning i twisted my hair in rows going back and i'll probably take it out tomorrow before going to work to go for the twist out look. but other than that, i'm not sure what other style options are out there that don't require heat. i also have been experience a lot of breakage, but what i notice is that my hair breaks more while dry than when wet. not sure if you experience the same thing.

also as far as oils, i've been using wild hair growth oil. it has a bunch of different oils in it (not mineral or petrolium oils). and i usually use it about twice a week.
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    I just posted this on another thread, hope this helps you.

    here's a link to a really helpful website. It includes suggestions for natural/transitioning hairstyles and how to's. it also has a lot of other useful info about haircare and homemade recipies.

    for breakage, I recommend doing protein deep treatments followed by moisturizing ones. Be gentle to the hair, handle with care. Once when my hair was recovering from a horrific stylist/bleach mishap; Another stylist suggested that I not comb or brush my hair for awhile. So fingercombing became a regular; keep in mind this required a VERY good conditioner that detangles well. When you do ponytails, don't pull too hard on your hair. Lately, I've been adding coconut oil to my conditioner to help moisturize it. I also sleep on a satin pillowcase-cuts down on frizz and breakage.

    my take on grease: I don't buy or use it anymore. I've come to the conclusion that all it does is just sit on my hair and make it greasy. I don't see the benefit. plus its texture just dosen't appeal to me, just thick and greasy. not to mention that most of them contain petrolatum-whatever its called and mineral oil etc. those ingredients don't do it for me. Instead I use lotsa conditioner, sometimes i don't rinse it all the way out or I'll use a leave-in, and a gel that doesn't contain alcohol. I like LA Looks gel or FX curlbooster fixative gel.

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