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Do any of the fine curlies like this? It has hydrolyzed wheat protein in it and I'm wondering if it is a good recommendation for those who need the protein. I found this to be very drying and they are now marketing it as a volumizer as opposed to a moisturizer but it got me thinking.....

thanks in advance for your opinions!
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  • AlexjoujouAlexjoujou Registered Users Posts: 2,364
    Didn't do a thing for my hair after my Deva Cut.

    wheat protein sometimes tends not to agree with my hair..although it likes protein.

    All of the Deva products dried my hair out. Initially they feel good but over the course of hours they basically make my hair fall and get all droopy, limpy, and lifeless.

    I do have someone I know who likes it though and she doesn't find it does the same thing as fact her hair looked great with the AnGell and mine looked worse than the worst hair day EVER. Go figure.
    FIA 2c/3aFi

    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!


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