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I really want my curls to be smaller and more spiraly with more volume instead of chunky, heavy, and round like they are when i don't brush my hair with a normal brush after my shower. The CG method says you shouldn't brush your hair with anything but a wide tooth comb or your fingers after conditioning, but if I want to change the shape of my curls is it okay? Or will it cause breakage and damage to my hair?
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    Well I don't think using a brush is anti-Curly Girl per se.

    A lot of curlies use a Denman brush on their hair. You can check these brushes out at www.amazon.com. Or simply go to the official Denman website http://www.denmanbrush.com .

    I personally use the Denman, the classic D3 occassionally and I don't have any trouble with it. I use it for distributing product like my moisturizing deep treatments or my protein treatments. I don't always use it though.. sometimes I do just use a very wide tooth comb.

    I don't have any problem with breakage using the Denman brush because I make sure my hair has tons of conditioner on it when I use it and I am very careful and gentle with it. I pay close attention to what I am doing when I use this brush.

    I personally wouldn't recommend using a regular bristle brush on curly hair because over time that brush will cause wear and tear on the hair shaft which can lead to breakage and weak areas.

    Frankly, any combing or brushing does that but brushing curly hair with one of those regular brushes that has bristles in it closely pack together speeds up the damage and I think does more damage than a widely space brush like the Denman used gently over time.

    There are many different Denmans.. so a person can sort of choose how far they want the teeth (bristles) spread apart from one another.

    I am not telling you NOT to brush...but I am saying if you are going to do it.. do it wisely and be very careful. And be extremely and ESPECIALLY careful if you are using one of those regular brushes that have tons of those bristles pack together very closely because your hair may look great at first but over time your hair could end up being very damaged and broken off if you go overboard with a brush like that..
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    you could also try combing through (when wet) with a finer toothed comb (have a look at the CHS video of the guy using CK - it may give you some tips about getting smaller spirals)
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