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I think I have 3B hair, s-curls, but it "behaves" mostly like 4A. I'm having a hard time getting my hair to stay flat! I want my hair to be in a bun like this:

I like it tight! But whenever I do my hair like that, the "new growth" at the back of my head that is about 4" long sticks out. The front part of my hair still looks curly and like I just woke up, threw my hair in a bun and called it a day. I see girls with hair exactly like mine or really similar who can gel their hair up completely straight in a nice tight bun. Mine always looks rough and fuzzy at the part "going into" the bun-the crown.

I've tried TONS of gels - Smooth N Shine made my hair look disgusting and I swear it came right back up out of place and 10x drier. Pantene worked ok for curl definition but that's not what I want right now. No-name brand made my hair look half decent, but not perfect. Elasta QP Glaze leaves clumps in my hair.

I need this to be available in-stores, I can't order online because I need it this week. There are a ton of beauty supply stores near me, so I can probably find it somewhere.

Any tips for getting my hair right? For putting the bun in? Gelling? Brushing? Thanks!

This is what my texture looks like, pretty much to a t:
3B, dense, and dry
I'm trying to grow my hair to bra strap length!

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