Wanted qb,afroveda,and oyin

divineselfdivineself Posts: 12Registered Users
I would like to purchase left overs of the following products to try.
QB olive and honey hydrating balm

Oyin honey and hemp conditioner

afroveda curly pudding and totally twisted ginger almond butter

Darcys Botanicals madagascar vanilla styling creme, coconut capuacu butter and natural coils coiling jelly

If anyone would like Aubrey Organics honey suckle and rose shampoo and conditioner (only used a tablespoon of the condish can't stand the smell) I could swap it...



  • WinonaWinona Posts: 565Registered Users
    Pm'd you
  • mamacita1603mamacita1603 Posts: 316Registered Users
    I have a sample of "totally twisted ginger almond butter"
    Type: 3b-healthy hair*medium texture* normal porosity?
    Shampoo: SC Optimum, Luster's Pink,Curliscious Cleansing Cream
    Conditioner: Coconut Sublime, Giovanni 50:50, CJ CASD
    Leave-In: CJ Beauticurls
    DT: Silicon Mix
    Styling: Eco Styler, KCCC/KCKT, BRHG, AOMM

    Holy Grail: Flour Sacking*modified method* AOMM, ECO Styler-Krystal
    Expiermenting with: Whatever i can get my hands on:twisted:
    Hair Hates: Vegetable glycerin/waxes:sad11:
    *Always going to be a Pj until i find all my HG's:love5:
  • divineselfdivineself Posts: 12Registered Users
    thanks for those of you who have helped me get those products that I am looking for. I have added a few more to my list...
    i think i am developing pjism ohhh dear

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