ineed help growing my hair.!!

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when iwas young ihad super long hair(i'm mixed with black and indian) but then when igot into grade 7 igot a little hooked on the straightner. iBasically ruined my hair.iUse to wash it then straighten it while it was damp which inow know is a big no no. so ihad to cut off all my dead ends to shoulder length.itried to put away the straitghtner away for good but iwas so in love with straight hair. Now i've realized that ihave really pretty curls since istarted going natural for about a week now and iwould really want it to grow as long as it use to be.
Basically ijust dont want to have to do another chop.I'm just wondering if it's really necessary to cut off all my dead ends because i am eating healthy and im puttingt all these hair repair creams in my hair.
So is it necessary to give my hair a trim for it to grow? or will it still grow if ijust continue without the straightner?


  • scrillsscrills Registered Users Posts: 6,700
    Yes, your hair will continue to grow

    Do you have to cut? that's really up to you. i personally trimmed a little each month and then after about a year did a BC. Some people use this method for a lot longer
  • miranda.jaleiisamiranda.jaleiisa Registered Users Posts: 6
    thank youu :)

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