Sores, bumps, upset scalp?

Jadedea JadeJadedea Jade Posts: 67Registered Users
ive been getting bumps and sensitive areas in my scalp. two of them are at my temples. it actually feels like a irritated follicles. when i tug on my hair in that area it hurts. but i dont get it. i wear falls that clamp on but not at that area. when i braid my hair up its barely tugging around the temples. ive never had that type of pain on my scalp from braiding or otherwise. could it be the products im using? is it growing pains from going natural?

how do i know if its an allergic reaction or just normal? cause that sucks and makes me want to relax my hair.

oh and can you have ingrown hairs on your scalp?!?!?


  • EkaetteEkaette Posts: 356Registered Users
    Have you been scratching your scalp? How about your combs and tools
    Maybe clean them in a little disinfectant
    Any new products you started using recently?

    ETA if it's an infection I wouldn't relax over it bc you're asking for burns over those areas

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    I used to have a really itchy scalp which has completely cleared up since stopped relaxing. I really wouldn't relax while your scalp is bad, its the worse thing you can do. Think of the burns!!!!

    It sounds more like tension bumps which I used to get from braids. Better to go natural and rest the scalp.
  • Nikki1980Nikki1980 Posts: 49Registered Users
    I suffer from ingrown hairs, mainly on my body. But if you have previously pulled the hair out round your temples and it is growing back there now would be possible to get them on your scalp to especially if hair is tightly curled.
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    You are transitioning to natural right? Right after I went natural my scalp went into a serious withdraw, lol from the relaxer. The PH on my scalp was crazy and out of wack, my hair follicles got all inflamed and I got gigantic sores all over my scalp. I am all healed up now but it was for about 2 months. I finally went to the dermatologist and he gave me some medicated mousse to put on my scalp once a day and within 2 weeks I was all healed up. I had a bad case of folliculitis and it can be quite serious and even cause hair loss in the areas that are infected so get it checked to make sure. Hope this helps!!

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    I have the same thing, my dermatologist prescribed Nizoral shampoo. Some people have said it could be allergies as well.
    Don't relax over it, relaxers should never be used as a solution, they only compound the problem.

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