Dry relaxer ends and a question about suave coconut conditioner

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My relaxed ends feel soooo dry and brittle. And recently I been getting a dry itchy scalp complete with flakes! What the heck is going on?? I used to co wash but stoppped recently and used baby shampoo to get rid of the flakes! But they are still here. I'm 4 months post. I just ordered some unrefined raw shea butter. I use VO5 conditioners and just bought some suave coconut condish.. does it have silicones? I used to use the motions leave-in condish and aphogee leave-in condish and the neutrogena slk touch leave but they all have silicones!! another reason i had to go back to shampoo becuase my products have cones in them!!! So i stopped using them and just shampoo and condition. Moisturize with water and sea with coconut oil but my hair still feels dry and brittle!! Doesn't feel soft and more like it use too. Please help!


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    Conditioner + honey = great overnight DT. I really like Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Original (it's CG). Make sure it is NOT the Deeep version, which has cones. Add honey, plastic cap, sleep, rinse...be amazed.
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    I had a flaky scalp situation when I started transitioning and went CG. I panicked, at first, and picked up a bunch of different dandruff shampoos. One of them smelled so bad and was so thick and gross looking, I ended up never using it. I did wash once or twice with Head & Shoulders until I got basic control of the dandruff. Now I low poo and co-wash, and every couple of weeks or once a month, I'll clarify.

    For my ends, I did trim them a little because they were so split. I also use a good leave-in conditioner (Darcy's or Curl Junkie's works for me), moisturize with Qhem's Burdock Root Hair Cream or Alma & Olive Heavy Cream and finish off with Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm before I use any styling products . My ends have been hella better since I started the regime. Still struggling with damaged relaxed hair but it's not so bad that I feel the need to BC.

    Oh! And I try to DT at least once a week. Some ladies do it more often.

    Hope that helps.

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    Are there any new products you started using recently? For me infusium 23 gave me dandruff and cowashing with suave humectant also gave me dandruff. As soon as I stopped the offending products my dandruff went away

    I hear coconut oil also helps with dandruff but I'm not sure how accurate that is

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    im having that same issue but only when my hair isnt braided. i can unbraid my hair, feel some softness and dampness and after an hour of airing out, its all stiff and brittle. the only time my hair isnt that way is when its braided up!!!!

    is there something wrong? i just dont see myself rocking my hair natural when its like that.

    how is it supposed to feel? ive got aussie leave in, giovanni dlc, organics olive oil suave condish. seems like i need to feed my hair 3-4 times a day to keep it not dry.

    also when i use whipped shea butter to seal in my braided ends (keeps it from unraveling) it makes my hair crispy.

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