cloth diapering and daycare: realistic?

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OK so I still have a few months to go before we have our first baby...and we were all set to go with cloth diapers...but now I'm having reservations. I have to work full-time because my husband is a student. Our little one will be in daycare. Assuming the lady doing our daycare accepts cloth (I think she will), how do you make it work? I've heard that you have a plastic tub that you have her put the diapers in that you take home?

I'm also concerned with how much work this is going to be. My plan is to have a dry pail to store the diapers in and wash every other night. I plan to rinse the diapers in the toilet first. Someone just told me that I will have stains and odor if I do this and I really should wash every night. UGH!

I like the idea of cloth for many reasons, but I'm wondering how realistic this is for working moms. Do you think my plan for the dry pail and washing (after a rinse) every other night will be enough to get rid of odor (I'm much more concerned about odor than staining)? And how do you make it work logistically with daycare?


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    I used cloth (bum genius) and daycare. I had a PUL laundry bag that dirty diapers were stored in that I took home every night. They had limited space in the changing area so no room for a little bucket. But if your daycare person has room you can keep a small plastic diaper pail there and just take the liner with dirty diapers home. This is the simplest pail and really good and a good size for day care.
    I only wash every 2-3 days. Actually most people I know who use cloth only wash every 2-3 days. I have a dry pail that I line with another PUL bag at home. I don't dunk diapers in the toilet. If there is poop that is stuck to a diaper (pretty rare these days), I rinse it with a handheld shower head over the toilet. Some of the diapers stained a little bit. I hear laying them out in the sun gets rid of stains but I just don't care. As for odor, yeah it can get a little stinky for the couple of minutes it takes me to take the liner out of the pail and put the diapers in the washer. But otherwise the room does not smell and neither do the diapers.
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    The biggest thing with diapers and daycare is making it easy for the daycare provider. I knew they would not want to deal with prefolds and snappis and covers, which is why I got pocket diapers. I stuff them and then they work with velcro very much like a disposable. Not that prefolds are rocket science, but the easier the more likely they are to go along so I recommend pockets or all in ones.
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    Speaking as a babysitter (I sit a 1 year old during the week), it would really depend on the type of cloth diapers. If you use AIO's with nice velcro closures, I'd have no problem with cloth and would just collect them in a bag for you each day (although I'm probably not going to dump and rinse the solids in the toilet for you...that's your job). If you use wraps/prefolds and I have to be bothered with folding and arranging and pinning and fastening, I'm going to b1tch about it.

    I think washing every-other-day is reasonable.
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    Thanks guys! I will add that diaper pail to my registry geeky. We are planning on using the sandy's diapers from motherease so I don't think they would be too much trouble for the daycare provider. But I am going to check with her and make sure. I think we will at least give it a shot.
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    Do the Sandys need a spearate diaper cover? Definitely check with the daycare provider, but like RCW said, most daycare providers prefer to use somehting like an all-in-one where there are not separate parts.
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    I second everything geeky said, and will add a couple things....

    For a pail, I got a cheap plastic trash can with a lid from Wal Mart - the can itself has plastic handles that swivel up so I can carry the whole thing easily to the laundry room. I think it was $7. At home, I don't even line it with a wetbag. I have a small travel wetbag for my diaper bag, and when it's time to wash, I flip it inside out and use it as a glove to get the diapers from the pail to the washing machine, then toss the wetbag in the washing machine. If the inside of my pail gets dirty, I clean it out with a cloth baby wipe.

    In the beginning, you won't need to worry about dunking diapers (if you're breastfeeding, I don't know if it's different for formula fed baby poop). Only after the baby starts eating solids and having solid poops will you need to do anything different. Then, most often, you can just shake the solids into the toilet then throw the diaper in the pail. For sticky messes, I do dunk sometimes though. It's pretty gross, but I have to wash my hands either way so I've gotten used to it. I wash anywhere from every 2-4 days and I do a cold "rinse, drain, and spin" cycle first with no detergent, before the full cycle with detergent.
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    I cd'd my older 2 and they were in daycare. I used AIOs to make it easier for my daycare provider and the wet/ dirty diapers were sent home in a PUL bag. They never had a problem with them- an AIO is no more work than a disposable, expecially if you're not the one washing them :toothy4:.
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    I used motherease diapers for my two and I would not recommend them for daycare. They arent super absorbant and they do require more work (seperate snap on cover).
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    We cloth diaper here, too. AIOs (all-in-ones) are great for day care/sitters/grandparents. They go on just like sposies, and don't require any pinning, folding, or figuring out. Fitteds with a separate cover/wrap are good too (there are some WICKED cute fitteds out there--check out )

    For some great info there are some very helpful web sites out there for cloth diapering:

    If you're adventurous, you can even sew your own:
    3a on top and sides, 3b underneath in the back, and 2-something in front. What a mess....:dontknow:

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    I would do pockets (that you stuff before you take them) or AIO's for daycare. Cotton Babies (the makers of Bum Genous) are coming out with a new dipe in September, so I would hold out for those to see what they are like, they are supposed to be cheaper that their BG's.

    I do wash everyday, but it works easy for us, I just throw the dipes in before bed on a cold wash no final spin and then hot wash in the morning right when I get up. I found that is the easiest way to avoid staining. When it was just my toddler, I would wash every 2-3 days.

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