Aloe Vera Gel or Flax Seed Gel?

Hello Curlies!

Well, I'm loving my leave in conditioner right now, but I need something that will provide hold to ward off the frizz. I have almost all 3a hair with 3b and 2c in parts. Does elasticity and porosity have anything to do with how well the gel works?

But my main question is what do you prefer? AVG or FSG? What's your favorite recipe?
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PM me if you have suggestions for my hair (i.e. product, etc.), help would be very much appreciated!


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    To answer your question: my hair hates FOTE AVG.

    I'm making FSG tonight for the 1st time so, I can't really say if my hair will like it, but I'm hoping it will work for me.

    off-topic though:

    your hair is about like mine in length, can I ask how much leave-in you use? I don't think I use enough, but can't tell if I should use more or not.
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    While they both have gel in the name, they are very different products. AVG is one of the ingredients I add to my FSG.
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