Hardest thing about going CG

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The hardest thing for me about going CG is that I am a hair twirler. Always have been and I do it a lot. My husband is also a hair twirler and likes the twirl my hair too. Trying to keep myself from doing it is easier than keeping him from doing it. I don't mind at the end of the day or just at home, but its been hard.

What was/is your hardest thing about going CG?


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    After doing the BKT, I decided I was gonna stop going CG for these reasons:
    • Too much stress about finding the right products and looking out for ingredients, which also gave my family hard time
    • Annoying my family about it - I'd yell at them for raking through my curls
    • Too much maintenence - I have to delay outings just to deep conditon my curls!
    • Too much time consumed - I have to get up at 6:30 every morning just to wash my hair! Plus, it takes forever to dry.
    • Product buildup - no shampoo? are you kidding me? And all that gel - icckkk!
    I'm happily using cones in my conditioners and have no problem with them. I went CG because I thought the cones were drying out my hair, but it wasn't the cones - it was just plain dry, my stylist said, and she has wavy hair, so she should know. If it works for you, go ahead, but not for me.
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  • mamakathymamakathy Posts: 24Registered Users
    I think the hardest thing is that I have never paid so much attention to my hair and I hate mornings. Getting up early enough to fix it has been a chore, and just plain figuring out what to do has been difficult to me. BUT, I got a deva cut last week and I love it! My hair is so thick that I was having to do it everyday because it was heavy and the curl would fall out by the end of the day. Now I'm managing 2nd day hair and am hopeful that I can go beyond that. So right now, it's feeling kinda easy!
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    Im a professional hairdresser so honestly the hardest thing for me was switching to non salon brands! For YEARS I talked down about suave ect and now Im finding they work really well in my hair. Eating that slice of Humble Pie was HARD!

    Im not gonna lie. Reading all the ingredients on the bottles is a real PITA!

    Another hard part is getting the gross looks and mean comments from people when they learn how I take care of my hair. They will rave abt my hair and ask what I do to get it like that but dont like the answer.

    Over all its been a wonderful experience for me and maybe Im the only one, but it takes me LESS time to do my hair in the AM! I dont have to wash every day, blow out straight, and meticulously flat iron and tame the frizz all day. Going CG has been so freeing for me. Even frizzy curl days (the few Ive had sing going CG) are worry free b/c it just looks like the softer, slightly fuzzy curls you see in all the fashion magazines.
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    The hardest thing about going CG for me was the self-education. It took a lot of reading (thank goodness for Laura Lee's Dorm Room Curly site http://dormroomcurly.blogspot.com/2008/12/style-definitions-table.html ,Struttswife's Live Curly Live Free site http://www.livecurlylivefree.com/home.htm plus her e-book, and RedCelticCurls' Pittsburg Curly site, especially her explanation of dew points http://pittsburghcurly.wordpress.com/tag/dew-point/ ) and a lot of searching through posts here on NC to figure out what was right for my hair.

    Now that I've finally recognized my hair's craving for protein, I'm beginning to see real progress!
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    For me it's been figuring out a routine that works for my hair... I still haven't got it down pat yet - I have a lot of volume problems (ergo, not enough volume), and pineappling overnight isn't working, yet it's my best option. Urgh. I also don't know whether to cut my hair slightly shorter (shoulder-length) or let it grow longer.
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    Right now: growing hair past shoulder-length, looking to take decent hair picture (my avatar is my first day of CG).
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    I have to agree with CrystalRain... finding products and identifying things like your hair porosity is very frustrating. It is like a crap shoot every time I use a new product, and the graveyard of would-be wonderful products grows!

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