93% Humidity?! 72 Dew? My poor hair!

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Hello, my fellow curlies! :)

I've been having a series of terrible hair days, and now I know why. The humidity and dews here have been awful! :laughing9: My hair has been a fuzzy mess! I step outside, and some of my looser curls just go limp and frizz right out. It's been atrocious! I had possibly the worst hair day ever on my first day back at university.

Do any of you fellow wavies have any product suggestions for these somewhat extreme conditions? :) Or a routine that really works for you in these conditions? I'd love to hear it! I know staying away from humectants is good, as well as possibly cutting back on conditioner. I'm mod-CG, so I don't mind a cone or two in a styling product if the product works very well! I've gotten used to styling my hair in (slightly) less humid conditions, but I've not adapted to the recent spell of high heat, dewpoint and humidity! (I have my hairclip on hand at all times now to hide potential bad hair days!)
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    My hair LOVES BRHG in high humidity....or any weather, really:p
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    Hard hold gel on top of whatever routine you use. That's about the only thing I've found that works.
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    I had just about that same weather today, and I used a hard hold gel (LA Looks Sport) on top of my leave-in, and though the curl shape held firm after SOTC, I had serious frizzies poking out all over about two hours later. Any more words of advice?
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