My pictures through the ages

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I am so proud of myself and my hair. I wanted to show you the progress of my curly-headed self from age 30ish to now 52, and also brag about what being CG since May of this year has done for me.

Maybe some of you would like to also post your photos of progression.

Mid 1980's

Late 90's straightened (sort-of)

...and curly Mid 90's

May 2009 (2 weeks of CG)

Today after four months of CG


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    Good for you! You hair looks the best it ever has!
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    That's a fun collection of photos! And I agree - your hair's looking great!
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    Wow, gorgeous curls!!
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  • KurlyKaeKurlyKae Registered Users Posts: 3,413 Curl Neophyte
    Beautiful curls! (and you, too!)
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    I'll have to try digging up some of my old photos to post sometime. :lol:

    Your hair does look terrific! So healthy and curly. I'm glad CG works for you. I'm kind of modified because I still use shampoo (mostly sulfate-free).
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