My hair won't stop flipping out at the ends...?

sarahsmilessarahsmiles Posts: 14Registered Users
I straighten my hair about twice a week but it's really starting to annoy me. My hair is about 2 or 3 inches past my shoulders (when straightened). And my hair is layered. Everytime i straighten it the two long bottom layers of my hair flip out everywhere. It's really starting to annoy me. I use a straightening balm/product in my hair. Is the length of my hair the reason it flips out? How can I make my hair stick straight?! Help!!!!


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    Are you using a professional flat iron on a high heat setting? That will definitely help.
    My ends tend to do the same thing, and what I do is flat iron everything but the ends, then I take a large barrel curling iron and curl the ends under. That way, if they are gonna bend (and they will) at least they will bend under. Personally, I know that I can never get mine quite stick straight. The reason is that moisture in the air will tend to make your hair revert to its natural state. A product called Sabino Moisture Block claims to prevent this from happening, so you might want to check it out. I have some, but haven't quite gotten the hang of how to use it because it's so thick. BUT, I did use this on the hair closest to the nape of my neck, where it always reverts, and it worked well. HTH's.
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  • sarahsmilessarahsmiles Posts: 14Registered Users
    Thanks very much! :) I'll try curling the ends of my hair under. And yes I use a good hair straightener on a high heat setting.

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    the same thing happens to me. every time i get it past or at shoulder length, it flips haidresser said its because of the layers, so i am slowly cutting the bottom off every 6 wks. about an inch or so to go, them ill work on growing out.good luck. its frustrating i know!!

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