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After having my first child last year, I've decided to embrace my waves! I've spent my life with my hair either rebelliously strait of in a bun (former ballerina.) Right now my hair doesn't look too great, but I haven't actually begun the CG routine yet.

To get to the point. . . I really need to purchase a few products to get started and I was hoping that a fellow 2 with medium texture and normal porosity could share their product regimen.

A couple additional notes: my hair is very thick (in terms of density), collarbone length, and a fairly lazy wave pattern. It looks sort of like beachy waves and is wavier on the right than on the left! Also, the top layer of my hair doesn't wave particularly well.

Anybody who has product recommendations for use with medium texture and normal porosity?



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    Hi, Akaelo! Welcome to the boards. :hello2:

    I'm a 2c with thick (dense) hair, medium texture and normal porosity, layered with the longest layers reaching my bra strap in the back. So I think we're fairly similar!

    First of all, I pretty much follow the CG for wavy types. All the products I use are sulfate and silicone free.

    Here's my routine: I use l'oreal everpure sulfate free shampoo once a week or less, and a couple times a week I'll CO-wash with L'oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss Glossy Volume conditioner for normal hair. As my regular condish (not CO-wash) I use Sexy Hair Strengthening conditioner, which can only be purchased at Salons but I found a big bottle at my local Winners. After I rinse that out (NOT thoroughly) and get out of the shower (or at least turn the water off) I squeeze a bit of the water out, then I might use a dime-size amount of the nutri-gloss conditioner as a leave-in. After that I take a gel - either Aussie aussome volume or HE Totally Twisted - and scrunch a teaspoon or more all over my head while it is still very wet. Then I scrunch my hair a bit with a towel so it is no longer dripping, and let it air dry. One little tip - I rake my conditioner through my hair to get our tangles and remove loose hairs, but after that everything I add is scrunched in, not raked. This really helps encourage clumps!

    Sorry for the essay, but basically for my/our hair type I would strongly reccommend
    - a sulfate free shampoo for when you want to cleanse your scalp
    - a lighter conditioner to use as a CO-wash and a leave-in
    - a thicker conditioner to use on your lengths every time you shower, and which you rinse out but not completely
    - a gel. both Aussie and Herbal Essences are GREAT.

    These are all the hair products I need. Everything I use can be purchased at the drugstore, with the SexyHair conditioner being the only exception. This routine works wonderfully for me. Since starting, my hair has become curlier, softer, stronger, less frizzy, etc. :love4:

    Other things you might want research on this board which I have had fun experimenting with are honey rinses, plopping, pineappling, and the icequeen method.

    I hope this can be helpful to you! Good luck with your hair. Keep us posted as to what you end up buying and what works. :happy3:
    BSL 2Cmiii :flower:
    normal/high porosity, normal elasticity.

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    your hair sounds a bit like mine. Can you post some pics of it? that may help us give you advice with what to use.
  • akaeloakaelo Posts: 2Registered Users
    Awesome! Thanks so much for your help Emily! I really just need a place to start, so that was really helpful. I'm posting a picture I took this afternoon, but I had already put part of my hair back because it turns out that I can't deal with hair in my face while I'm doing dishes and chasing after my 13 month old baby girl ;)
    I'll get a better picture later.

    This is after my last shampoo wash and after air drying using Living Proof style cream for thick and wavy hair.
  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    your hair looks fine so you'll want to consider protein and protein treatments. For treatments I go the cheapo route which is egg and oil. Some products with protein in them are suave coconut condish, giovanni direct leave in and a lot of the natural curl cremes.
    Pixie diffusing really helps with curl formation and I've been having lots of luck with soap bars and then an ACV rinse after.

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