GF Soft Curl Cream On Transitioning Hair

jadeperidotjadeperidot Registered Users Posts: 46
Hi. I'm pretty much a newbie experimenting with different things for my half relaxed, half 3c/4a coarse curls. I've tried Garnier Fructis Soft Curl Cream before when my hair was completely relaxed but I'm not sure how it'll turn out with half curly and half straight hair. Has any transitioner who hasn't BC'd used this product?
3c/4a soft & frizzy curls with way too much SHRINKAGE :thumbdown:

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  • curlyplus2curlyplus2 Registered Users Posts: 105
    Hi, once my natural hair started growing in, the GF Curl Cream didn't work as well on my relaxed ends. I have yet to find anything that does.
    Hair Type: 3C Natural, 3B Relaxed. I'm transitioning!

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  • melledelvanimelledelvani Registered Users Posts: 49
    I bought GF Soft curl cream. It's so gunky, like silly putty. It did nothing for my hair. What a waste! :(
  • GiveMeABMWGiveMeABMW Registered Users Posts: 219
    I don't know if there is a product out there that works perfectly on both hair types at once.

    Please post if you find one!
    What's working this week:
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    GF Sleek and Shine deep conditioner
    Styling: Tres Semme Naturals as leave in, L'Oreal Melting gel and HE SMU raked in, LOOB and AG Re:Coil scrunched in, Jojoba Oil scrunched in when totally dry
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  • kdkd Registered Users Posts: 291
    Hello, ive been relaxer free for about 3months. I was going to transition; but i got so frustrated :x i just did the BC about two weeks ago now. The products i use are carol's daughter. They seem to be working pretty well, but the real test will come as it starts to grow out more.

    Hairveda Whipped cream, suave tropical coconut, kenra, pantene r&n mask:color:

  • soon2bsoon2b Registered Users Posts: 220
    I don't think you can get relaxed and natural hair to look the same texture with a product. If ur trying to achieve an all over curly look, try a trist out or braid out.

    Hair Type: small 3c patch in the center, mostly 4a with a patch of 4b at my temples
    Shampoo: Suave daily clarifying ( when I feel that need)
    Conditioners: AOHSR, MM, olive oil
    Styler/Leave-in: SheaMoisture, Fantasia IC, HNS

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