Low maintenence/cost straightening possible?

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I recently got my hair cut from very long in no particular style to a longish layered cut.
It's thick and wavey up top but it goes into large sort of 50% curls outward on the sides and worst of all at the back, pushing away from fairly stylish to scruffy mess half the time.

A friend used a hot iron on me the other day for the first time and it looked alot better but to be frank, as a guy its not something I really have the patience or desire to do myself even though I do want the results.

So shamefully im looking for an easier option.
I browsed this forum and others for awhile before making this post and the list of products used or recommended seems endless and its all alien to me.
What I really want the most is something to stop the back and sides curling so scruffily because once they set nothing will shift them except a wash.

Thanks in advance.
(Btw I live in the UK so only have access to products available here)

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