BKT and Sweat from working out

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I have had the BKT done for the 2nd time a few weeks ago. The first time was back in may. I thought maybe I needed it done again because my hair is so curly that my roots needed it. The girl that did it said it could be the sweat from my working out. I work out 5 days a week and I sweat A LOT. Does anyone know if this is true? She wasn't 100% sure and didn't speak too much english so it was hard for us to communicate.

If you work out and have the BKT how do you care for it? I wasn't washing it but now I'm thinking of at least wetting it to get the sweat off. I dont want to use shampoo as they say not to use so much or it will strip the product out.

Please help!!
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    I was told the same by a hairstylist she said was due to some salts(?) on the sweat. I workout as well, but haven't noticed any changes on my hair. I think the heat from my scalp make the treatment work extra time, LOL. Because my roots become shinnier and smoother. I do go straight home and blowdry or flar iron the roots, just in case.
    But my girlfriend's hair does curl a little after sweating. I think hair hair is so much stronger than mine, and was healthier than mine, and that is why the curls are harder to keep completly straight. But she goes home and flat iron fast. And her hair gets back in shape in seconds.

    I shampoo the minimum. Twice a week the max. make sure you are using shampoo without sulfates and without sodium chloride.
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    Thank you for your reply. Thats what the girl that did my hair said also, that its the salt in the sweat. My hair was drying with no curl but I think the sweat eventually wore the BKT out. She said maybe just rinsing it out and not using shampoo would help. I'm going to try that this time around I guess and see if it works.

    I live in New Jersey but both times that I've had this done its been in Florida. I only go to visit my boyfriends family so I'm hoping this time it last until my next visit to florida, LOL

    By the way, your hair looks AMAZING. I let my hair air dry unless i'm going out or need it done. I then dry it with a paddle brush and I can't believe how great it comes out. This was the best thing for us curly hair girls, LOL
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    CurlyKat, I spoke to my friend and she said that she is using a silicone serum with keratin that is helping her a lot to prolong the keratin treatment. She said that a stylist recommended she did that since the silicone protects the hair and seals it.
    I think I will do the same.

    I hope this help!!

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    Thank you AphroDiva, I will definitely try this. Do you know what kind she uses?

    I'll try anything to make this last :)

    I read in another thread that you did it yourself. Was it hard? My boyfriend was with me when I had it done the first time and he doesn't think its hard to do but wont do it for me :(
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    For now she is using what she purchased a long time ago from the Liquid Keratin line.
    For me the Gloss is the only think that worked on that line. I have that on my bathroom, I will start using it as well.
    Here is the link: Keratin Sealing Shine Serum by Liquid Keratin

    It is expensive, but a little bit goes a long way. There most be a cheaper alternative, I will be checking.

    Yes, I did it myself. It was not hard at all , but you need patience. The tutorials are all over YouTube.
    The harder part is the back of your head. If someone can help you is better!


    P.S: I came across this wonderful article rich in information about the BKT. Wonderful tips also! HERE
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    Wow this article was awesome, thanks for sharing it!! :)

    I will try to do the BKT myself next time. I am sure it will be hard but with everything else I'm sure practice makes perfect.

    Thank you for all the advice :) XOXOXO
    3b I think

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