What a day...

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Today Audrey turned 3. Logan and Audrey both started school for the first time as well. It was good for all of us.

What I didn't see coming was that Logan is afraid of the automatic flushing toilets so he refused to use them and decided to go #1 and 2 in his pants. He hasn't done that in forever. No one called me they didn't try anything to help him. I was a little upset by that he told them he was afraid and no one made an effort to help and they took him 4 times. I talked to him and his teacher they go back again Thursday so we came up with a few ideas that might help.

Anyway between cupcakes, cleaning, presents,
school, food shopping, and taking care of Little Jo it's been an interesting day.

Side note that made me laugh when I woke Audrey up this morning and said Happy Birthday and told her she was 3 today she just looked up at me and said a big fat "NO". My husband laughed and said she was already understanding that women don't like to talk about their age.


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    i hadn't heard of the automatic ones in daycare until my girlfriend shared it with me a week ago about her daughter's new class.

    i understand the idea of the automatic flushing toilets keeping kids from touching the handle and spreading germs on surfaces.

    but my friend said there is one little girl in the class who is also afraid of the noise the toilet makes, so she'll just sit there and cry and hold it. poor thing.

    i must admit, some of the ones in public restrooms seem like they are going to suck me down with the water! hopefully they make some that are quieter when they flush. :sign5:
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    My daughter is terrified of public toilets. It started when she was sitting on one and it automatically flushed with her still on it.

    She started kindergarten on Mon, and has told me she hasn't used their bathrooms, yet. Thank goodness her school does not have automatic flushers.
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    You can put a post-it note over the flush sensor so it won't flush while they are on it. Those things are loud to me. I can't imagine what it's like for little ears that are already nervous in a strange bathroom!
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  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
    Awwww..Happy Birthday Audrey!!! I would do as fuzzbucket suggests...have them put a post-it not over the sensor. Your daycare should work with you on this issue or be willing to try any suggestions.

    Chas refuses to use the air dryer's in bathrooms. They hurt his ears. He doesn't want me to either...so we either walk out with wet hands or I hope they have paper towels.

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