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Okay so I'm a freshly turned 16 year old and my dad is West Indian and my mother is Black. I'm learning how to manage my own hair and I would realllyyy appreciate it if you could help me. I don't know what hair type I I'm sorry that I can't provide that. I'll try to describe it..its wavy/curly and thick but not thick enough for an afro. But after always either straightening or twsting two days ago for the first time everrr I tried the Curly Girl method..and I LOVE IT! Minus the frizz that is...I know it takes time for hair to adjust and what not..oh btw..I don't get relaxers or perms and my hair has NEVER been colored. I would just like to know what do you guys use as moisturizers overnight because my hair is dry. And also can you pleasseee recommend overnight moisturizers that smell great. I tried Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum and fell in love with the scent. I'll post my soon to be new regiment...its completely flexible according to your recommendations and I'll attempt to post a picture :] Someone please help with my frizz and keeping my hair moisturized AFTER I wash it??
Thanks soooo much Curly Girls<3

Mizani conditioner washed out---->
Aloe vera cholesterol treatment for ten minutes and repeat[[washed out]---->
Nexxus Verastyler designing lotion--->
L.A. Looks Alcohol Free Curl Gel--->
Aussie Spray on Conditioner leave in---->
Plunked for about an hour--->
When about 75% dry air dry.

And at night I put extra virgin olive oil..yes like the kind you use in spaghetti lol
And another question...while I never used it I didnt know Pink Lotion was bad for your hair...does this mean all hair lotions are bad? If not please suggest some great ones to use :] and please make sure they can be used on damp and dry hair...I know its alot but whoever answers thank you soooooo much.



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    My new favorite moisturizer is Karens Body Beautiful Hair Milk.
    The transitioners support thread should be able to give you a lot of ideas though :toothy4:

    4b natural
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    thank you! :thumbleft:
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    I use HE Hello Hydration as a co-wash then I have a conditioner by Nubian Heritage (I believe)that is a shea butter conditioner. It has filtered water, shea butter, cocoa butter, carrot oil, jojoba oil and all this good stuff in it. I use that as my leave-in. At first it feels like there is a lot of stuff in there but I go ahead and put a dollop of HE Totally Twisted Gel on top with some jojoba oil mixed in and it dries and stays well moisturized. I also am in the midst of growing out my relaxer and this is month 3/4. my hair stays well hydrated for 3-4 days and then i just do it all over again out of habit. If my edges look fuzzy (around day 3) I just slick back with handful of water, reseal with jojoba oil and barely a pea size amount of the shea conditioner. HTH

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