refresh my memory on babies habits

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Steven was on such a strict schedule and we did not bring him home until he we 7 weeks old, so I am totally out of it when it comes to baby habits.

Up until saturday she was eating every 1-3 hours, typically every 2. She also would not really sleep in long spurts, but only for about 1 hour or so. She had to sleep on one of us or in our bed. She also would eat for 10-15 mins and be done By the end of the day I felt like I did not have any milk left for her when she would eat

Sunday everything changed, she started eating every three hours, sometimes going four. She is also eating for longer spurts, sometimes taking an hour to nurse. She slept 5.5-6 hours straight last night. She will sleep midnight - noon, eating less, then is up and down through the day...up pretty much straight from 6pm-midnight. I am also engorged again and she has been spitting up more.

With steven we had to regiment everything, worry about too much sleep or not enough food, so having a baby I can wing it with is kind of scary (Weird I know).

She just turned 4 weeks old, seems to be growing and has dirty/wet diaper everytime I change her (about every 2 hours through the day and when she wakes at night)

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    sounds absolutely normal. As she is sleeping for longer stretches, she needs to eat more when she is awake.

    Are you engorged overnight when she is sleeping more? If so, normal. Your breasts will adjust to her schedule. Express a bit if you are uncomfortable.

    Spitting up more is also normal at this age. As long as she is gaining and producing the diapers and does not seem bothered with it, I would not worry.
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    Yep, I'd just go with the flow.

    Also, make sure you stay hydrated too and eat well.
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    I was hoping that would be the answer!

    Now if my body could just get into line with her that would be fabulous! I was finally getting to the point of not getting engorged/leaking at all and then she switched it up on me! I have not gotten to the point of having to express yet, although at night, I am so tired that I do not notice how full I am until she wakes me that time I am leaking and she feeds right away, and drains both sides.

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    Yeah, if I remember correctly, during Sol's first few months his "routine" was constantly changing. I didn't even really look at the clock during that time because it was no help to me. My breasts leaked a lot for the first several months too, especially at night even though Sol nursed frequently at night.
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    Sounds like things are going well! Keep on doing what you are doing. I don't remember any sort of routine until closer to 3 months (or maybe there was one earlier and I was just too tired to notice).

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    Sounds normal to me too--I'm glad things are going well! :)

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