Is it the product, the technique, or the cut?

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Sorry this is very long lol

i have been having a series of bad hair days. Let me first say I am modified CG. I shampoo everyday with Girovanni 50/50 and usually use GTTT conditioner.

For the past few weeks, my hair has been limp, wouldn't hold a curl, looked stringy, and was almost impossible to scrunch out the crunch. It was so bad I was letting it dry straight because diffusing and scrunching weren't worth the end result. (I am a 2a, i think, if I let my hair air dry, it is straight with a few little waves and one corkscrew underneath. I only get good waves when i diffuse)

So, I was thinking I needed some protein so I picked up some giovanni smooth as silk protein conditioner. My hair seemed to like it but was still kinda tired looking.

I read the thread on hair being curlier when shorter and a lightbulb went off :idea: I have been growing my hair for about 18 months now. It has probably grown 6 inches in that time, i have only had a few trims to even things up. I thought, my hair has reached a point where it is too heavy/long and is pulling out the waves. So I had about an inch cut off last night. Couldn't tell how it would work because I had my hair straight yesterday.

Well, today, I shampooed, conditioned, put KMS curl up balm in my wet hair, combed that through (which i never comb through cuz i usually get stringlets) and then put some giovanni la natural gel and combed that through. Wrapped my hair in a towel(not a plop, i get weird crown action when i plop) and after about 15 minutes, I diffused.

OMG I have the best hair I have had in weeks, maybe months. Here's the pic

I have minimal crunch, and bouncy waves!:blob2:

So after a very long winded explanation, do you think it is the product (protein and new gel), the technique (combing through) or the hair cut? I don't really care, I just hope I can do it again tomorrow!
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]2b ish? New to curly hair. Hair fell out after acute illness, then came back curly.
Currently using Giovanni shampoo and condish, LOOB and HESMU gel


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    whoo hoo! looks great! maybe it was a combination of all of the above. It's good to rotate your products for that very reason. Does your hair need some moisture???
  • RenocatRenocat Posts: 26Registered Users
    Thanks wavy wonder!

    I don't know if i need moisture or not. I get over conditioned very easily and when that happens I get no wave whatsoever. I tried Garnier Fructis 3 minute repair and had the softest, straightest hair ever lol.
    [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]2b ish? New to curly hair. Hair fell out after acute illness, then came back curly.
    Currently using Giovanni shampoo and condish, LOOB and HESMU gel
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    I think it's a combination of all three. If you don't have the right cut, no matter what products you use, your waves could be weighed down and never reach their full potential or they may be too short and make it impossible to tell your true pattern. On the other hand, if you have a great cut but horrible products, you may have to deal with limp, greasy, weighed down waves or dry, frizzy hair. To make it even more confusing, certain techniques like the icequeen method, pixiecurl diffusing, or the supersoaker method may lead to more root volume, wave/curl enchancement, or clumping.
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