Getting Really Depressed About Hair Now! HELP :(

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I'm a guy - Naturally - And I have
curly hair obviously, well it used to be
about a year ago, I had these amazing tight
curls, but about a month or so ago it became
fluff and the front of my hair was not curly
but like a large mass of hair.
I know I still have curls because if I swim
in the sea, after getting out, my old curls are back.

Basically, I have some questions for you
curl experts that I hope you can answer:

1. How should I wash my hair? Currently I use only conditioner without cones, and have been using the CG method for a while.

2. How should I dry it?

3. How should I lay my hair after drying? If I leave it how it is after drying, it is all over the place, but I think that where I make it look neat while it dries, it dries flat and fluffy.

I am aware that this post is probably a bit long, but it is really getting me down. No joke. Just really p*ssing me off if I'm honest. So any help will be loved!



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    I replied in your other topic, "Stressing out about hair." Check it out :)
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    Few questions:

    1. What styling product do you use?

    2. Do you put any leave in conditioner after you co-wash?

    3. Do you swim often? in the sea or pools?

    Possible solutions:

    You many need to use a leave in to provide extra moisture. The same conditioner you use to co-wash can also work as a leave in. Just put a tiny bit in your hair after you wash.

    Don't dry your hair with a terry cloth towel. Use an old t-shirt instead. And pat dry only. Don't rub. Rubbing will aggravate the hair and cause dry frizzies.

    Sea water has salt and salt enhances curl. But it can be drying if too much is in the hair. If you swim alot then use a heavier conditioner to condition your hair after you co-wash.

    You may have product buildup or buildup from hard water. Try making a rinse of 1 cup water and 1 tbs vinegar. Pour over your hair after you co-wash. Rub it into your curls for about a minute. Rinse well. Then condition your hair. This will remove build up and remoisturize your hair, plus seal the hair cuticle so you will get less frizz.

    You may need other advice depending on what styling product you use.

    Remember: never use shampoo, unless you use a low-poo. And low-poo rarely. I saw in your older post that you used to use a curly hair shampoo. Shampoos will cause dry fluffy frizzy hair.

    My darling hubbie :love8: is a curly guy, so I love to help them. Hope this helps you out.
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