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The 12th of this month made my 4th month post relaxer. Then I permed my hair again :/ College started last week and I freaked under the pressure and done it... Then I just realized how much my new growth and I became so close then I just turned around and killed it (while getting the perm I felt like a murderer LOL)... Thinking about it, it felt so good not having that burning sensation for 4 months! No itchy scalp and dandruff... No touch ups! Saved ALOT of money ._.

I truly want to go natural because the perm is not worth it! But for the positive of this backslide, I got ALOT of my hair cut off my hair is really short, less ends to deal with, basically mentally preparing myself for the eventual Big Chop. Apparently this perm I have is 'light', which I don't believe, and my hair grows back quick.. but anyway just gonna have to start all over again... I would greatly appreciate any feedback/support...
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    Well the best thing is that your natural hair is not going anywhere you can just start over again. Everyone has setbacks and this time you will follow through with your goals because you know that your not feelin' the relaxed hair and that you prefer you natural texture.

    Good Luck with your journey
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    Don't despair. As you said, your hair will grow back. In the mean time prepare yourself by reading and researching natural hair, products and styles. Read as much as you can. You will learn a lot from other naturals and transitioners. Keep a journal or start a Fotki to keep you motivated and to track your progress. Good luck and smile; your natural hair journey has begun.
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    Thank you for all your advice! It really motivates me :)
    Head full of coils, kinks, curls, and springs O_O
    Last Perm: 11/5/2009
    BC: 1/22/2010 :wink:

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