Hair Coloring/Highlights!

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If you were to get or have highlights.coloring on curly hair, would that damage the curls? Like dry it out so it won't be as bouncy or "alive"? I want to die my hair but i dont my curls to be ruined if they were to be damaged.


  • britney.britney. Registered Users Posts: 292
    Well I am constantly dying (which involves bleaching) my hair to get it blonde, and well, it doesn't really change the shape of my hair or anything, but it does damage it I guess. Lots of breakage... I don't know if the breakage is caused by straightening my hair everyday for years, the dying, or both, but yeah. But actually, I've dyed my hair seriously like 30 times (going from brown, blonde, brown, blonde again, etc. etc.)... and it still hasn't fallen out or anything. :P But bleaching is very damaging for your hair, so unless you are going to be constantly dying your hair blonde, I think dying your hair is just fine.

    But yeah, I refuse not to dye my hair, since my natural hair color is an icky mousy brown color now (it used to be naturally blonde! :angry1: )
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    I usually get highlights during either summer or winter break (Whenever I'm not in school) and nothing bad has happened but the hair on the very front and sides of my face are really dry and short. (This is more likely to be because of my constant brushing and damage before cg) 8-)
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