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We are having a language explosion over here! His new therapist rocks. The old one (before we moved) was very rigid in her approach and didn't really "get" Harry. This one takes his lead and has really clicked with him. He has said stuff for her that he never said before. Every day, we are getting new words, and what's more, he is repeating things. Before, he would not repeat sounds unless they were ones he knew, and even then, it was hit or miss. He'd say something once only never to say it again. Frustrating!

Tonight, we had spaghetti and meatballs (one of his favs) and he kept saying "meat". His word for ball has always been "dee" or "day" no matter how we corrected him for over a year. Well, tonight, after a few tries of him saying "meat" and us saying "meatball" he said "meat...ball". He then said it over and over. :cheers:

We are still on the waiting list for an occupational therapist to work on some sensory stuff, but after 6 months of speech therapy, we finally have some progress! :blob2::blob2::blob2:
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    That's so exciting. Congrats! and Yay for Harry. :) Are you keeping a journal of his milestones? I think it would be interesting to see what triggers new things for him. Food...fun games...etc.
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    Yay, Harry! :cheers:
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    Great news! I'm so happy for Harry! I was wondering how he was doing and was thinking of PMing you.

    I think you know, we had Connor evaluated back in April or May and found that he had a slight speech delay, but not enough to qualify for IE. He also had a slight delay in adaptive/fine motor skills. He's really made progress this summer. He's pretty much potty trained and is putting together words and sentences all the time, and I couldn't be prouder of him. It's so interesting how they can seem to be at a plateau in development/skills, then take off suddenly. It really gives you warm fuzzies when your kiddo does good things. :)
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    That is so awesome! I know you've been really concerned about his speech. Go, Harry! :)
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    The funny thing is that he started taking off during our lapse in services. We had almost a month off between the move and the new therapist. About 2 weeks before she started, he began saying a few new things. Then, she came and it's been a huge explosion. Just the boost he needed, I think.

    My worry is that he will "test out" at his re-evaluation next week (he will have been in EI for 6 months) and no longer qualify for help. We haven't even started OT yet, since that was just added before we moved. Plus, we had a one month gap with no therapy. And he is starting an EI playgroup tomorrow, so would only get to go twice if they stop treatment. I'm crossing my fingers for 6 more months of help.
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    Yeah Harry!!! Congrats I know that has to be a real booster for him and you!
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    Excellent - so glad for you guys!

    It's fun to hear them picking up new words and realize you can understand them, isn't it?
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    Great news! Go Harry!

    I don't think he will test out, but if he does, you can sure as heck appeal it.

    Good luck!!!
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    the tests to test out are hard...They have to say 200-300 words and I believe 3-4 word sentences all the time at 2.5. They also put a bunch of items in front of Steven and asked him to pick out the Daddy's girl or the baby's mommy.

    You can also appeal to make sure he continues, as long as you advocate you should be ok.

    I LOVE how out of nowhere they come up with stuff. At the end of the school year in June Steven was saying 3-4 word sentences occasionally...now he is saying 8-10 word sentences most of the time. It is so rewarding to see them doing so well isn't it?

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    I hope you don't mind me asking... since I can't seem to remember (and I know you've told us before) what was the delay from? has it been since birth?

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    Yay Harry!

    I bet he has a lot to say.
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    woo hoo! God bless him!
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    Medussa - We will definitely appeal if he tests out. I don't think he will, but they have made so many cuts that it gets harder and harder to qualify.

    Deedles - He had a substantial speech delay. At 18 months he only said 2 words, which was an 11 month expressive level. We've come to realize that he has issues with what they call "sensory seeking" behavior, which explains A LOT about how he's been since day 1. The sensory issues can get in the way of speech development, since the kids have trouble getting organized enough to express themselves verbally. There is a lot of info about it here. He has many of these traits that affect him in different ways.

    Keltie: He does have a lot to say! It is so amazing to get a little window into what he's thinking. Though the twinkle in the eye always gives him away without saying a word!
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    I know you're in MA, but in NY the criteria for continuing in EI are not as stringent as the criteria to initially qualify for services. The goal of EI is move towards age level skills, not to stop whne the delay might no longer be significant. I hope that makes sense.

    It sounds like your new therapist is a great match for Harry. It's funny about the lapse in services though- I've had that happen so many times, it's almost like some kids need a break to process what they're learning.
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    Quick update here. Harry was able to qualify for 6 more months of EI. We start OT tomorrow and are getting a referral for an educator. He loves the playgroup and does well even though it is a dropoff group. We hope to transition right to a preschool. His services only go until March, but his birthday is July. I'm not sure how we will work that. Maybe he can do EI until a summer preschool starts? Anyone done a similar transition?
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