Curly kiddos

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Hi all,

I recently discovered I have curly hair (or wavy hair) and found this site. I have two kids that have curly hair as well and am looking forward to caring for them better. I have three kids, two with curly hair, both my girls. I discovered my oldest (3) when she was about 9 months old. Her daddy had beautiful ringlets when he was a baby, before they cut his hair. Anyway, I was so excited to see that she did too, but jut never knew how to care for them. I usually don't do much of anything to them especially since she doesn't sit still for very long. My son, 2, has very straight hair, but it's kept short. I recently discovered my youngest daughter, 9 months, is probably going to have curly hair. I just have no idea how to care for their hair being new to it all myself. What products do I use. I am currently just using a baby shampoo because that is all that I can (the 3 year old is terrified of getting soap in her eyes). Anyway thanks for all the help. Oh and she is probably a 2b very fine hair.

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