Someone please help!

ok i relaxed my hair from middle school through my sophomore year in high school. the relaxer would burn my scalp so i decided to spend 2 long years growing it out. now that it is grown out i am debating to relax it again only with a chemical free way. im trying to get as much info as i can cause i know it is a big commitment. i have 3b hair and i am half black a quarter white and a quarter thai. (to give you an idea) i want to be able to wear my hear down without it being so big. i dont want it straight, just mellower curls and body. i might try the yogurt idea for now, but i would appreciate ANY ideas you all have. im desperate.


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    There is a forum for newbies that has a lot of really important threads for you to read--it should help you learn more about your hair and what to do.
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