flaxseed gel is the bombdiggity....



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    This can depend on what your hair likes, but if you don't know then you can experiment. Aloe Vera Gel about a tablespoon in your amount, you can add it after it's cool just dump it in a bowl and add both the Agave( try one tsp. and see if you like it if you need more lift add another one, I add two tsp.) and wisk it up. You can add seamolient (algae from Kathymac) essential oild, protien etc. start small that's what I did. First nothing in, then epsom salt, then aloe, then Agave and Voila, it is great for me. I use essential oil for fragrance, Lavender with some lemongrass. You can also add Jojoba oil for moisture, or vegetable glycerine. Maybe some of the other gel cooks can chime in for you too.
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    I made a new batch the other day and added some coconut oil and some TTO. Since it had been a week since I had used the other, I can't really remember how the other did, but I love this stuff! I am going to try adding AVG and maybe some mag sulfate next time. It really enhances the curls and gives really good hold all by itself, I don't put anything else under or over it.

    Now if I can take a good picture and figure out how to post it, I will share. So far the pictures I have taken haven't done my hair much justice.
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    the way I do pics. I upload them to photobucket.com then copy the "image" link into NC.com.
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    So I made the FSG and I wasn't impressed with the hold I got and my hair looked limp and oily the day I used it. I'm worried I may have over boiled the gel. Is there any special trick to using making the gel that anyone knows about? I followed BB's recipe but I'm going to try a new batch tonight.
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    Routine: Occasionally wash with Lavender baby shampoo. CO wash with Garnier triple nutrition conditioner, use a nickel sized blob as a leave in, scrunch out a little water, scrunch in some aloe gel (FOTE), then scrunch in some Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee (BRHG). Plop with a backwards turbie twist for 10 min - to overnight.
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    the way I do pics. I upload them to photobucket.com then copy the "image" link into NC.com.

    I will try to take a good picture today and see what I can do. Thanks WW!

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