Why I love my wavy hair

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No more fights, no more stress about how it should be, or how everyone elses' hair is. Just me and mine. :love2:

Recently I tried going a day (le gasp!) between washings. Still shower but I leave my hair out of it. It was very scary since my hair has always been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo greasy. Yuck!

So my first attempt was kind of a flop. By the next morning I was struggling to get the tangles out, and I was definitely feeling a little bit greasy. Hrmph!

Second attempt, added baby powder. Ok... but it fell really flat. Still very tangly.

Third attempt. Decided to comb/brush it out! I figured sort of straightish wavy hair was better than the tangles! Well, would you believe that between the humidity and a few sprinkles my hair was curly wavy by the time I got home (more so than the first day!)!! Still a little on the flat (crown) side.

Fourth attempt - MAGIC! I read online about using corn starch. Well corn starch is a lot less easy to control, so I got out an old makeup brush, made sure all the makeup was out of it and dabbed some cornstarch along my roots in rows. It showed but by this morning was all but invisible without a single greasy spot in site! Brushed / combed my hair out to get the tangles out, then spritzed some water / conditioner mix into my hair, combed it through with my fingers, spritzed some more and scrunched it in and it's perfect!

THATS not something you can do with CURLY hair! :notworthy:

Yay for wavy hair!! :love1:
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