My Oil Cleansing Method journey

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Did I mention very oily? After cleansing (any type of cleanser - harsh to gentle), I always have an oil slick for a face that I have to start blotting within 1 hour of washing.


I've always had very very oily hair. So needless to say thinking of conditioner washing was insane to me. But it worked, and now I can skip a day, if I pushed it maybe even 2.

So I figured I would try the oil cleansing method. Maybe there was some truth to this hydration madness.

Since it's scary for everyone, I figured I would share my experience as I go along.

Day 1:

Almond Oil 75%
Castor Oil 25%

Last night - Massaged oil into skin, then steamed with warm washcloth for a few minutes, wiped the excess oils off and patted my face dry.

Since I read castor oil helps draw out impurities, I decided I might as well try one of my Biore strips (I've tried them a dozen times since they came out, always with no result despite long periods of trying to open my pores with steam). Was able to have a successful use for the first time! Got the little forest everyone always brags about that I never got! WOW!

This morning, used a warm wash cloth to kind of open my pores and wiped it clean, patting it dry.

So far I've been up 7 hours and though I can definitely tell my skin feels different, I don't have an oil slick on my face at all! I rinsed my face once with some warm water after eating (cause the food made me feel greasy... yuck), but other than that... no blotting, nothing!

Definitely trying a day 2!
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    Please be VERY careful about OCMing during summer.

    I tried OCM more than a year ago, it was around march I guess. The first few weeks were amazing. After 3 weeks, I started getting more breakouts, especially in places I NEVER got them. I stopped immediately.For more than a year, my skin continued to breakout, it was that congested. My derm made me swear I would never use anything with oils around warmer and humid months. Don't ask me why, I have no idea...

    Anyway, just my two cents. I would never want another lady to suffer like I did. So if you see more breakouts, please just stop.

    Good luck :love1:
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    Your skin gets oilier (mine does) in the summer. So you probably just don't need the additional oil.
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