Anyone use Ouidad?

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There are no Deva certified salons in my area (well, I'm close to NYC, but don't want to drive into the city for a haircut), but there is a Ouidad certified salon.
Anyone know anything about this method? All I ever hear about on these boards is Deva (no offense meant).
And now they sell Ouidad at Sephora - anyone use the products? Are they CG friendly?

I'm a little leery about getting a "curly" cut. For some reason, I just don't feel...curly enough. Maybe once I've been CG for a while...
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    See if there is a salon review of the salon you wanna check out in the salon area. I bet someone from this board has been there heh.

    I'm wavy, and in all sorts of weird ways. Some areas are straight, some are almost curly. I've decided that I want a curly cut just to get some face framing. Its the only way to see if its REALLY true heh. I'm also going to see if I can get educated about my hair.
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    i can't tell you anything about the salon or cutting techniques, but i did try out some of the products before i found this site. specifically, i ordered the Love Your Curls starter kit. i didn't really like it. the products smelled divine, but didn't really do anything beneficial for my hair; if anything they overloaded it with protein (which i didn't need, but i didn't know that at the time) so my hair went stringy and flat. it could have just been i was using the wrong products in the line, but after finding this site i wouldn't go back to find out anyway. i felt the products were overpriced as well.
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    someone posted about quidad a bit ago. she was selling her starter kit. If you go a google search you'll probably find it. Her products looked great.
    I just saw her on Regis and Kelly and the girls hair that they transformed looked awesome. BUT then again, wouldn't we all look really great if we had someone working on our hair every day;)
  • Jess the MessJess the Mess Posts: 5,844Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Ouidad isn't all CG. You can do a quick search to get reviews. I haven't personally used their products so I couldn't chime in there.

    As far as getting the cut wavies can definitely benefit from a curly cut. Your hair will still lay differently than a straightie and will still experience some shrinkage as it dries and a curly stylist knows that. They can even help bring out your waves more. You might be very pleasantly surprised. I left my stylist of over 10 years because my curly stylist does such a better job in the end.
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  • gginsberggginsberg Posts: 4Registered Users
    I have very curly hair and tried the Ouidad cut. This is a terrible haircut, as much as they say they do not "thin" the hair, this is exactly what they are doing. I guess it works for some people and good for them, but personally, I think, the curlier your hair is, the less the "thinning" technique works. They really hack your hair and after about a month when you can see it growing out your hair will be in worse shape then it ever was, think short pieces of hair all over your head, causing more frizz then you can imagine. Sorry to be so negative but I am still growing this haircut out after 5 months. Teh bottom half of my hair is viibly thinner then the root. It's awful. Just hoping to spare someone what I went through.
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    Yeah, I have heard horrible things about the ouidad "carve and slice" method. It leaves weird bald spots and creates uneven growth.

    I used to use their products about 9 years ago or so, I was never impressed and for the price, it wasn't worth it to me.
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    I tried Ouidad and it didn't agree with my hair either. I also got the Ouidad cut, it kind of helped, but not enough to pay that much again.
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    Unfortunately, I also did not have luck with this line. WAY to much protein. At the time I didn't realize my hair HATED proteins, and it was causing my dryness and flat, yucky hair.
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