2b Overly Porous advice for a CG Newby!

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I just found this website a few weeks ago and need some input. My hair has recently felt SO dry and I was curious if it was the water or products as I am currently in wisconsin doing my WHNP clinicals and won't be back in NYC until late Sept. But then I figured out what type I am. The porous issue makes sense why my hair feels dry even though I condition it. I think I am a:

2a/b (more b)
overly (possibly medium) porous
fine-medium texture

Right now, I have been using

TIGI Oatmeal and Honey or Head and Shoulders
(eek! I know, but my scalp gets VERy dry and flaky... always has and this is one thing that seems to work).

Conditioner: Matrix Essentials sleek. Once a week- Biosilk Silk Therapy conditioner.

rusk wired (every day)
Devacare Angell gel (usually every day)

occassional products-
Kevin Murphy Hair Resort (if I use this alone, it looks as if nothing is used)
Kiehl's Silk Groom
Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum
Redkin Fresh Curls Mousse

I sometimes will do a co-wash once a week (just conditioner) but that doesnt seem to do much. I have also tried using dFI details but that hasn't done much either.

After reading about protein build-up, using apple cider vinegar or baking soda rinses, I am very confused. I cannot put my finger on why my hair feels so much dryer (i know its overly porous and that contributes) except that the shampoos and conditioners I have been using are a bit different and I am not changing it up as much as I do when I am home. What would you suggest for the over-porous?

I have had my hair relaxed before and it was so straight for a year! I am seriously considering this if I could find a trustworthy stylist out here in la crosse or the twin cities because I am so frustrated.

I'm also ready to move on from Wired- What product is similar that one would recommend?

I would like to order a new product or 2 within this week- What do you think will make the biggest difference right now? My biggest thing is that my hair (as you can see) is between wavy and curly and feels SO dry and has so many fly aways right now, that I have reached my maximum tolerance.

I just watched this video on using clips to separate and apply product. http://www.curlisto.com/new-stylingyourhair/lesson-wavy_to_loose_curls.htm
and may try these styling techniques (minus the diffuser!)

thanks so much for reading! I appreciate any suggestions and input you have for this newby.


  • lime217lime217 Posts: 4Registered Users
    just bringing this up again... id love some product suggestions. tia
  • SalamanderSalamander Posts: 328Registered Users
    I'm not familiar with your products/shampoos -- are you doing CG (Curly Girl) method?

    My hair is also overly porous. I find that protein really helps it. I co-wash with Suave Naturals Coconut, which has some protein in it; and I also do a homemade protein treatment 1x per week which has helped a LOT.

    In general, fine and/or porous hair needs protein; coarse and/or non-porous hair usually doesn't like it.

    Are you shampooing daily? That is very drying, especially if your shampoo contains sulfates. Most of us on here are following the Curly Girl (CG) method, which involves avoiding any products containing silicones aka "'cones" and sulfates. It's done wonders for my hair, which was always dry, dull, frizzy and strawlike.
    2a/b right now; 2c when it's longer
    Fine/iii density/high porosity

    Current favorites:
    Suave Naturals Coconut co-wash
    GVP Protein Restructuring Conditioner
    GVP Conditioning Balm
    Eco-Styler, LALSG, BRHG, Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel
    ACV rinse 1x per week
  • lime217lime217 Posts: 4Registered Users
    Thanks so much for your response Salamander.

    I shampoo every other day but condition it every day. I guess you could say I am trying to transition to CG method. It's just hard when you have so many products! I was posting my products because on the actual homepage where you determine your hair type, the list for 2's for hairproducts is quite varied.

    How did you start out?

    Maybe I'll post in the transition board too-

  • anatidaephobiaanatidaephobia Posts: 343Registered Users
    The transition board is less about transitioning to CG and more about transitioning from chemically relaxed hair to natural hair.

    Transitioning over to CG is difficult. It seems like an all or nothing kind of deal. If you want to continue using silicone, you should drop the sulfate shampoos ASAP and just switch over to low-poo. Shampoos with coco betaine are just as good at removing silicone and much less harsh on your hair.

    As far as replacing the Head and Shoulders, you can try using a low-poo that has contains tea tree oil as a main ingredient. There are several around (Giovanni, Trader Joe's...) and tea tree oil is excellent at treating both dry scalp and dandruff, whichever you might have.
    CG since 6/15/09 -- fine/medium texture, medium porosity

    Conditioners: GTTTT, Kenra & KCKT
    DT: CJ Hibiscus Banana Deep Fix
    Styling: KCCC, KCHP, HEBE, Loma Imply
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    These ladies have some great advice for you! I want to second both the protein and the tea tree oil suggestions. You are pretty close to being my hair twin... :p ('cept I'm a 2c with 3a at the ends.)

    cg is, I agree, an 'all or nothing' deal. I tried easing into it, didn't work. Ended up just pitching all my old hair products so I wouldn't be tempted to use them. And going cg is really the only thing that's helped with the frizz.

    For my scalp, I put about 1/2 dropperful of peppermint oil into a bottle of tea tree oil, mix it, and then use the dropper to transfer it directly to my scalp. Over that I apply jojoba oil (again with the dropper). I do this at night, b/c my roots look greasy in the morning after doing this, easily remedied with a shower (I shower in the morning anyways). This helps with the dryness. Doing a weekly dt helps my dry scalp, too, along with my hair. I make my own dts by mixing whatever I have in my cupboard that looks like it might work-- coconut oil, olive oil, honey, vitamin e oil, mayonnaise, etc. Way cheaper than buying one from the store. :hello1:
  • SalamanderSalamander Posts: 328Registered Users
    I started out just ditching the shampoo, straightening balms and blowdryer.

    My initial routine was just co-wash, LA Looks sport gel, then air dry.

    I've added a few things, but am still pretty basic (been CG for 4 months).

    Co-wash: Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut
    Conditioner: L'Oreal Vive Pro Nutri Gloss for long hair thats wavy/curly
    Leave in: Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel
    Style: LA Looks Sport or Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee

    Protein treatment: Egg/mayo/olive oil 1x week
    Apple-cider vinegar rinse 1x per week.

    All of these are products I bought at the supermarket or drugstore. But, I am itching to try a curl cream of some sort.

    I also experimented with various methods: scrunching in products vs. raking them in, rinse w/ warm water vs. rinse w/ cool water, applying products to dripping wet hair vs. hair that is not dripping wet, air drying vs. diffusing, plopping vs. not plopping, pineapple vs. satin bonnet...

    I recommend changing one thing at a time, so you can see if your hair likes it or not; and I also try to take pictures so I can look back and say "Wow...my hair has been improving steadily!"
    2a/b right now; 2c when it's longer
    Fine/iii density/high porosity

    Current favorites:
    Suave Naturals Coconut co-wash
    GVP Protein Restructuring Conditioner
    GVP Conditioning Balm
    Eco-Styler, LALSG, BRHG, Garnier Curl Shaping Spray Gel
    ACV rinse 1x per week

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