Hair dye issues

AtsiliaAtsilia Registered Users Posts: 9
Hi, last year around this time I dyed my hair with a permanent color. several months later I found myself wanting my natural color back, so I tried to grow it out. It grew about one or two inches, and last month I dyed it a temporary color (washes away with 28 shampoos), and my roots were showing, so I decided to dye it again last night. I really don't like dying it because it's so damaging... Are there any products that can remove the temporary and permanent hair color? I would greatly appreciate any help; I really want my natural color back. :(


  • stephanieannstephanieann Registered Users Posts: 25
    What is your natural color and what color is it now?
  • AtsiliaAtsilia Registered Users Posts: 9
    My natural color is a light-medium brown; right now it's dark brown
  • stephanieannstephanieann Registered Users Posts: 25
    I know there is a color remover that salons use to remove unwanted color. I just got my hair colored today and one of the stylists was using color remover in strips on someone who had used an at-home hair dye that was too dark. The parts she used the color remover on looked like highlights and then she did a very light brown color gloss over the whole head that sort of blended everything together. You could also just have some lighter brown highlights put in, which would lighten the overall look tremendously. The only other suggestion I have is to use original Prell (in a tube) or another really strong shampoo a few times and deep condition a lot to try to fade the color more quickly.
  • Aries_jbAries_jb Registered Users Posts: 1,556
    Be careful with color removers. I definitely don't reccommend trying to do it yourself. I did that and ended up with patches of orange hair that I ended up having to dye over anyway.
    3B that is no longer CG, but still endeavors to have healthy hair by not using sulfates.
  • AtsiliaAtsilia Registered Users Posts: 9
    I think I'll try prell...but I'm on CG so I really hate using shampoo. *sigh* Where could I find Prell? The Walmart and Target stores don't carry it in my area. :(
  • stephanieannstephanieann Registered Users Posts: 25
    Sometimes grocery stores will have it...I've actually seen small tubes at gas/convenience stations next to mini toothpastes etc.
  • missy60missy60 Registered Users Posts: 351
    If you used a permanent color you will never strip and get your natural color back. The permanent color changes your hair and you just have to let it grow out. The only color you can strip off and get your natural back is a deposit only color.

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