even though this pisses people off....

katherinelovesevryonekatherinelovesevryone Posts: 230Registered Users
...i asked a woman if her curls are natural:confused3:

idk i had to. the woman appeared to be somewhere in the 3b range, im a 3c so i know about curls and how they really do exist (lol) but im sorry but they were TOO perfect, just gorgeous!....i made sure to tell her that too though :toothy9:
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    People ask me all the time if my curls are natural or if I had a perm, particularly because I used to wear it straight. They usually follow if up with something like 'wow, I wish my hair would do that'. I never find it offensive...it just gives me a chance to lecture them about the evils of using a flat iron ;)
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    I mean its not really offensive not something to get raging MAD about

    but I hate it when people ask me is your hair a weave. im like -_- NO! its not a weave PULL IT IF YOU WANT SEARCH THROUGH MY HAIR FOR TRACKS IF YOU WANT lord sorry that pisses me off :)
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  • CopaseticCopasetic Posts: 222Registered Users
    I think asking someone if their curls are natural is ok. Asking if it is a wig is a big no-no :wink:
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    So were they natural?
    montage-3.gif No MAS.

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    I've probably been asked that question a few thousand times in my life and it never bothers me. It's always followed by a compliment so what's not to like!
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    I was recently asked, "Did you curl your hair, or is that just what happens when it's wet?"

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    Yeah, it's not when people ask me if it's natural that bothers me, it's if people don't believe me or something. If it's just followed by a compliment or something, that's cool :toothy4:
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    Phoenix wrote: »
    So were they natural?

    yeah.... were they?

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