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I don't really know what my hair type is but I'm black so I am probably 3c-4b right?? My hair is relaxed and soft (cotton-like when you touch it after a blow out and flat ironing). I haven't had a relaxer since May 5th or June 30th (not sure when I went!!). I am 16 and I've decided to GO NATURAL!:thumbleft:

I want long, full, curly, versitile hair! It is now at the end of my neck and in layers. If you have any suggestions or tips, please let me know! I want to transition (not ready for BCing....) and I don't like a lot of the transitioning hair styles except for maybe the braid-outs and twist-outs and I CAN NOT do micro braid or cornrows because my hair is so soft and breakable in that state especially. I saw a girl do the braid-outs on YouTube but she had LONG hair and it was so curly, wavy, and pretty after! How does it look on neck length, relaxed, layered hair?? PLEASE help, thank you!

PS-I've been lurking in here for a couple days so I know a few of your abbreviations but not all!

EDIT: Also, what kind of products should I use?? I want something that can easily be picked up at Target or Walmart! Is there such a thing as black products or white products when transitioning!?!?


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    Hey welcome to Natural Curly. Congrats on making the decision to transition.

    Now to answer your questions:
    About Curl types
    Being black does not mean that your hair will be 3c/4c. Just as black people range in different colour they also range in different hair types. Being black does not confine you to a hair type. Some have loose curls while others have tight curls/coils. Everyone is different. Also you just recently started transitioning so it will take some more time for you to determine your hair type... you need to have quite a few inches of new growth. Not only that but your natural hair, while transitioning is being stretched out because of the weight of your relaxed ends so your hair might look like a loose hair texture when in fact it might not be so you much just have to wait until you do your BC to determine what you hair type truly is. For example I have many areas on my head where the hair is growing out wavy but I have also cut a few strand of hair in those wavy sections and my hair is not wavy. After I cut off the straight ends my hair curled right up. Its quite interesting to see how much those relaxed ends can fool you.

    Transitioning Styles
    You mentioned a few styles that you dont like how about trying these ones:
    Bantu Knots
    Wash and Go's
    Braids with your own hair

    Also you talked a bit about braidouts. I think they would look great on your length of hair. I dont have your length of hair but I have layers and I like how the hair frames the face so I think it would look good. If you dont like them down you can always pin them up or put it in a loose ponytail or banana clip.

    Well every product works differently on different people. I would say that you should stick with whatever products you are using right now as long as they work for you. If I were you I would invest in more products after you are done your current ones and do your research first. Because the thing is you can go out there and buy all these products that people reccomend to you and they might not even work which would be a waste of money

    However, these are the products/ techniques that have worked for me:

    co-washing. which is washing your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. Usually people like to use a light conditioner like Suave conditioners.
    I use Suave coconut conditioner and sometimes i use a thicker one like the herbal essences hello hydration.

    Washing your hair and dentangle in sections under running water with conditioner in your hair. I like using a Denman brush and I reccomend that to people because for me it has been a positive experience. It lays my new growth down flat. After a while the shower comb was not working for me and my hair was not getting flat it was lumpy and bumpy when it dried which was not working for me. However some people dont like the denman brush and prefer to use a shower comb.

    Keep your hair moisturized. Use any moisturizer that works for you. Try to stay away from products that have mineral oil in it.

    Deep condition your hair once to twice a week. It promotes healthy hair and growth. I like to use Aussie 3 min. Deeeep Moisturizing conditioner, Aussie Reconstructor and Silk Elements Moisturizing Deep conditioner.

    Wear a satin scarf or use satin pillow cases.

    Do not comb through your hair while its dry. Some people can get away with that while transitioning or while natural but most people cant. Believe me if you do this you will be frustrated with your hair and it will also break your hair. You might be able to do it within the first few months of your transition but when the new growth really kicks in it will be difficult. But see what works for you because everyone is different.

    The key for me is keeping it very simple. I do nothing to my hair I wear buns 95% of the time. I wash once a week. Deep condition weekly. I use a little of a moisturizing conditioner in my hair as a leave in. This has worked for me. Also you spoke about black vs. white hair products. I dont listen to that. I use whatever works for my hair. Aussie is not consider a black product but it has worked for me. So I would say disregard that and use what works. Dont limit yourself to products only from the black hair care section.
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    ps. sorry about the long post :-o
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    Ended Transition: March 2010
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    Nada girl that was a long post but it was worth the read!! Lots of helpful info...thanksss
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    nada101 wrote: »
    ps. sorry about the long post :-o

    This was NOT too long, it was very helpful. I'm new to the site and the information you gave really helped me alot in just knowing what different kinds of techniques to use for my hair. I'm transitioning and my last relaxer was either the end of April or beginning of May of this year, but I've been wearing my hair in cornrow styles since June. I'm ready to take them out for a bit and this is really helping me in what kinds of styles to wear.

    I do have a question as to what shampoos have been helpful to people. I've been seeing a lot about what conditioners people love, but I haven't seen much about shampoo. Right now I have the Pantene relaxed and natural shampoo, which I don't particularly love, but I know I need to find something that will work with my newgrowth as well as the relaxed ends of my hair.

    Any advice will be GREATLY appreciated! :-)
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    nada101 wrote: »
    ps. sorry about the long post :-o

    No! It was very helpful. Yes, how do you guys feel about shampoo for people who still have mostly relaxed hair?? I love CHI products (especially the Silk Infusion)!

    PS: Sorry for my lack of knowledge about hair types. It is like us having a broad range of colors! Sad that I don't know much about my own natural hair though....
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    I'm glad that you are are finding this helpful.

    Alot of curly heads use the curly girl method which requires them to wash with conditioner (co-wash) but if you still feel as though you want to use shampoo use one that is sulfate free because sulfates strip the hair of its natural oils and this over time can cause dryness to curly hair.

    I am sure all of us had a time in our journey where we didnt know much about black hair. We all had questions ranging from general hair care to hair types. It takes a while to gather all the information but research is key.

    I wish you all the best on your journey
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    Started Transition: March 2008
    Ended Transition: March 2010
    Transitioned for: 2 years


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