How to transition w/ a SHORT cut?

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Has anyone began a transition while they had short hair?

I used to have shoulder length relaxed hair but one day I decided to put in highlights myself, and ended up with an entire patch of hair that broke off to an inch long. So, I had it all cut into a super short style with it shaved in the back.

I found the NC boards while looking for better wyas to manage my daughter's hair. Since then, I have decide to go natural. My last relaxer was on 4/24/06. I now have about an inch (I think!) of new growth for the long all over my head. Since it was shaved in the back and on the sides already, about 60% of my hair is completely natural and I have cute little curlies there :) The rest of my hair is still relaxed though.

It looked fine for a while, but now dealing with 2 totally different types of hair is bothering me. I like clean, polished hair styles, and I have not been able to figure out to achieve that with 1/2 relaxed hair, and 1/2 natural. The difference btwn the two textures is very obvious, and has been bothering me more lately since I have been going on a lot of job interviews.

Getting braids is not really an option due to the expense. I also don't have nearly enough natural hair to sport a TWA and look decent. So, what is the best way to grow out this relaxer? Should I get the relaxed part cut again and leave the rest alone?

I am really clueless and appreciate any advice. Sorry for the long post!


  • Curlee QCurlee Q Registered Users Posts: 523
    How short is short. I had a short hairstyle and tried to transition, but found it looked a mess. So I just decided to do the BC, since it was already short.

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  • DejasMomDejasMom Registered Users Posts: 11
    Hi Curlee Q -

    I searched on;ine but couldn't find the pic I used to have my hair cut last time, so I measured my relaxed hair at the top, and it is 3.5 inches long from ends to scalp. I stretched out some of my baby curls in the back (where it used to be shaved) and they are 1.5-2 inches long (when stretched), so I am assuming that I have about this much new growth at the top.

    If I BC'd right now, I would have no hair. Since I'm interviewing a lot at the moment, that just isn't option yet. I can't risk losing out on a good opportunity b/c someone doesn't understand my hair choices. Sad, but true.

    Did the measurements help? Any ideas on how I can keep it looking relatively polished for the next few months?
  • Curlee QCurlee Q Registered Users Posts: 523
    Try to do twist outs, maybe. I don't know how it would work with shorter hair though or maybe a good wig for your interviews. I wore wigs and fixed so people actually thought it was a weave. HTH

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    Hmm, maybe I will try the twistouts. I was bored this weekend and twisted some of it while I was watching tv, but hair was to straight for it to stay. Maybe I will try that next time I wash.

    In the last week, I also tried rollersets with medium rollers, roller sets w/ small rollers, and a straw set. None of them came out right at all. I used to do beautiful roller sets all the time, so my hair must still be too short right now.
  • NatrlchallengeNatrlchallenge Registered Users Posts: 37
    My last relaxer was a joke. It only got the top half of my hair strait. I had a short cut ehere the back was shaved off. Now I have 1/2 relaxed and 1/2 natural hair. I'm able to do a wash n go with pantene hydation curls. It's the only style that I can do because my shrinkage is a beeyach. :roll: I am also in the same boat. I can't BC yet either for the same reason and it is really frustrating. :(
    I need to learn how to care for my hair now! please help! I think I'm a 3c/4a mix. just BCD 4/8/08. I'm looking for ways to take care of my natural hair.
  • DejasMomDejasMom Registered Users Posts: 11
    Well, I'v ebeenhanging in there since my original post. INterviews paid off and got a new hob (Yay!).

    My last relaxer was on 4/24/06, so I've been transitioning for almost 6 months now. I had my stylist do a wash and trim in late August and am still growing it out. From the crown of my head to the nape of my neck is totally natural and curly, as are the sides right above my ears. From the front hairline to the crown of my head is 1/2 relaxed, 1/2 straight.

    Once a week, I wash, condition air dry and then curl all over with a curling iron. Then, I just wear a headband for the rest of the week. It looks so-so to me, but a lot of ladies at work like it.

    The natural part is so pretty and curly when its wet, but the top still has the annoying straight pieces, so I can't wear it "out" yet. I have crazy shrinkage too! The curlies look pretty when wet, but lose all definition as they dry. I am going to keep doing the same routine for now, and get a trim in a few more weeks.

    Natrlchallenge, what styling products are you using? Its good to see that I'm not the only one who started transitioning with that kind of cut.
  • NatrlchallengeNatrlchallenge Registered Users Posts: 37
    Right now I am at a loss as to the best poo and cond to use. I use ORS poo and dove Moist Conditioner. I CW daily and use Surge and MTG in the PM. MTG is a sulfur based conditioner that really makes relaxing my hair impossible. It never gets strait anymore and the only reason I tried is so my hubby could see me with long strait hair. :oops: I won't get rid of MTG because it makes my hair healthy and strong. I love elucence cond when I was natural, but my transitioning hair stinks because the strait pieces throw me off. My hair is fighting me because it wants to be natural and curly. Pantene hydrating curls leave in helps me have the curly look, but I hide most of the strait pieces with a headband. :lol:
    I need to learn how to care for my hair now! please help! I think I'm a 3c/4a mix. just BCD 4/8/08. I'm looking for ways to take care of my natural hair.
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    If you have short hair and half of it is relaxed, rest natural, then you're lucky in that you are not really invested in keeping length and you don't have to do protective styles, etc. to maintain the relaxed hair from breaking off. I would do a big chop to the natural portion then you have clean sleek teeny weeny afro to start off with.
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    hi curlee Q what curly hair products do you use I really need some advice from somebody because I 'm up to 9 months of new growth an I'mafraid to let someone cut my hair for a B.C. so can someone please help me out? :(:)
  • DiscgirlDiscgirl Registered Users Posts: 746
    Why not just cut it off now and save yourself the hassle? The longer you hold onto the relaxed hair the harder it will be for you to finally decide to cut it off and the more reasons you'll find not to. You also risk damage/breakage to your natural hair where it meets your relaxed hair. That's an extremely week place. Also, you have to change your mindset that hair without curl definition is not pretty if you're going to be natural. Not everyone has loose curls or clearly defined curls for that matter.

    The sooner you cut the relaxed hair the more of an opportunity you will give yourself to start learning to work with your natural hair. In my opinion, it's best to start working with natural hair at a short/shorter length so that you know how to handle it when it gets longer. I think so many people give up on being natural b/c the first time they're actually dealing with their natural hair only is when it is longer, more prone to knotting and tangling and seems very time consuming. Cutting the hair earlier allows a person to develop a system and skills before the hair gets long/longer so that less styling & grooming time and product expenditure is necessary.
  • Mixed ChicaMixed Chica Registered Users Posts: 150
    well thank you, I was wondering if its ok for me to color my hair now, I'll just be getting highlights?
  • NatrlchallengeNatrlchallenge Registered Users Posts: 37
    Be careful with coloring your hair. I did it once and it made me lose my curls. :( it was Nice n Easy hair color too. Hope all works out well for ya.
    I need to learn how to care for my hair now! please help! I think I'm a 3c/4a mix. just BCD 4/8/08. I'm looking for ways to take care of my natural hair.
  • DejasMomDejasMom Registered Users Posts: 11
    DIscgirl - I'm actually ready to cut it off now. Lik esuburban said, it was short to begin with so I'm not invested in length at all. It won't even be a Big Chop, because I only have about 2 inchesor so of relaxed hair left in the front. (wishing for digcam now!)

    I just want to have a "starter" routine when I cut it. My curls are very defined when wet, so I am hoping to keep some of that deinfition when dry as opposed to super fuzzy hair.

    One more uestion (for everyone): the last tim ei had a trim, my stylist trimmed it an equal amount all over (natural and relaxed hair). Should I do the same thing this time, or just have her cut off the relaxed hair, or do a combo of both??? Transitioning is confusing!
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    i just cut off an inch of my hair, the ends were like straws,my hair is still long and it looks and feels healthy.i`m transitioning too,so i guess its not necessary to cutoff my relaxed hair now b/c ì trim my hair,but i might cut it off in the summer time.dejasmom- i don`t think its necessary to do both,if the stylist cut your relaxed ends off,you would have to get it trim 2-3 months after that hair cut.maybe the stylist would have to trim less then a 1/2 inch of your natural hair to make sure that all the relaxed hair is gone.
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    Holly - I think you're right. I have been letting my curls "come out" on the weekend for the last 3 weeks. By wearing my little curlyfro, I was able to see that there really isn't that much relaxed hair left at all - I could probably just cut it myself if I was brave enough.

    I think I will get all the relaxed pieces cut off, and a teeny trim on the rest of my hair. Now I am just trying to figure out what routine will work for me -- my curls are really pretty when wet and freshly conditioned, but shrink and get fuzzy as it dries. So, I will have to biuy some sample products and experiment, I guess. I also think I look weird with my curly hair since its still so short, but my daughter an dBF like it, so I'm probably just being overly critical. Wouldn't be the first time :)

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