VitaStile haircut (Grove City, PA) - before and after





Whaddya think? I actually think the photos look a little less frizzy than in real life - in both the before and after photos. The owner, Gay Coast Frampton, cut my hair.
Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.


  • IamDonnaIamDonna Posts: 546Registered Users
    Both before and after look really pretty!!!
    Not a drastic change which is good since it looked awesome B4 as well as after.
    You have really great curls!
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  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users
    it's gorgeous!
  • pjsmommy12pjsmommy12 Posts: 206Registered Users
    You look awesome. Totally beautiful curls. I like the subtle change.

    ETA: I am taking the picture to my stylist for my next cut!

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  • *Angela**Angela* Posts: 251Registered Users
    Super cute! Love the shorter layers around your face...very flattering.
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  • CurliLocksCurliLocks Posts: 10,572Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Although your hair looked great before, I like how the shorter cut flatters your face more. :) Very nice! Beautiful!
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  • hockeymomof3hockeymomof3 Posts: 2,159Registered Users
    Looks beautiful! Both before and after! :)
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  • jlpmom23jlpmom23 Posts: 755Registered Users
    Looks so fantastic, and I got SUPER excited for a sec! Misread your thread title, I live in Grove City, OH, and was already thinking, I MUST make an appointment asap!! Your hair is gorgeous!!
  • KristaRoseKristaRose Posts: 546Registered Users
    Thanks everyone! It feels sooooooooo short but I really think I'm going to like it. I have to get used to putting product in - I used to put it in upside down. Now, when I flip my head, no hair flips with me. ha ha. The shortest layer in the back is probably only a couple of inches long - whereas before it was in the middle of my back. Even though I like it a lot, I must admit that while laying in bed last night I had a moment of "oh no, what have you done?!!??" But I do believe this suits my face better.

    While the stylist I went to is a Deva-trained stylist, I did not get a Deva cut. She first cut a lot of the length off and then washed me with Deva LoPoo and conditioned with OneC. Then she cut me wet and put in some Aquage straightening gel and put me under the dryer so I could see what it looked like curly. Then she flat ironed me and put in a touch of hairspray for the fly-aways. Then she cut it a little bit more. The picture above is after I came home and wet my hair down and put in some Biotera gel. It looks longer in the photos than it actually is. It takes no time to dry now and in the shower today I lost virtually no hair - as opposed to the gobs I used to lose.

    (Do you guys think I need to clarify? I can't think that one use of the straigtening gel and some spray calls for a full clarify, though.)
    Growing out from a pixie cut. Long process but I'm getting there.

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