Kindergarten Orientation Was... (RANT)

ruralcurlsruralcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,574
RIDICULOUS!!! It was a bit chaotic when we got there, but that was to be expected. After they sorted out the kids and sent them to their classrooms, they sorted out the parents and sent us on our way through the school.

We got to go to the music room, where we had to do the "Chicken Dance". We got to hear a lecture from the nurse on what wouled happen if our kid got sick. We got to got the the gym where we threw ball in a bucket, and built pyramids out of the buckets. From the librarian, we heard how she doesn't make enough money, and how the tech guy, "Jon Smith" had better give her access to the computer because she doesn't have it yet. Every 10 min we were shuffled off to the next station, for close to 3 hours. All most of us really wanted to see was our kid's classroom. Which we got to do for approximately 30 seconds at the end of the day.

Really, they could have given us a booklet with this info.

Luckily, my daughter seemed to enjoy herself on her first day.


  • usedtobeDayzieusedtobeDayzie Registered Users Posts: 78
    3 hours??? What is there to see for 3 hours that can't be done it one, or less??? Crazy, yeah I'd be unhappy too! I'm glad your daughter had a good day though.
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    my friend went to kindergarten orientation for her child and they did the entire thing in spanish. :dontknow:
    the weird part is that it wasnt a spanish immersion school or even a school with an overwhelmingly large spanish speaking population. i guess they decided they were going to spice things up that year (no pun intended).
  • ninja dogninja dog Registered Users Posts: 23,780 Curl Neophyte
    WTH? Sounds like they treated the parents as kindergardeners. The money stuff by the librarian was really inappropriate.

    I do enjoy doing the chicken dance, though.
  • LikeAustraliaLikeAustralia Registered Users Posts: 2,812
    Hah. I was doing the chicken dance in the parking lot outside the frozen custard shop last night. A little crazy celebration, you might say.

    It does sound ridiculous though, but I'm sure they thought you would want to see all parts of the school. I assume kindergartners at your school participate in all the same things as the older kids (music, gym, etc.). I don't have children, but I do remember my own kindergarten orientation. It was not like that at all. I think I'd prefer that type as opposed to my own childhood experience.
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