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Hello all,

Just found this site yesterday while browsing the internet about curly hair. I have never really considered myself to have curly hair until recently. I have always had a wave (not the wave considered by you all here) but nothing special, just annoying and crazy. I have worn my hair straight for years. Recently I got a new hair cut (although I have had this style before) and was in a rush to get somewhere so just threw some product in my hair, scrunched and left. Well, we went swimming that day and of course got my hair wet, but when I got out of the pool with my kids I didn't dry off with the towel, so my hair was aloud to drip/air dry and the results were wavy, curly hair that I LOVED!!! Not sure if it is a hormonal change since having kids or if there was always some potential that I never knew was there or how to care for it. Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself and looking forward to learning more. I have already done a lot of reading, but oh man it there a lot of information out there. I am going to the store today to get some product and going to start making the transition to see if this is a possibility for me. I believe I would categorized in the 2a group. I am sure I will have LOTS of questions for you all once I get going in this adventure. I have enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful hair and hope that some day mine may look like that too.


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    I had a very similar experience: As a pre-teen I always blow-dried and styled my hair then used a curling irone to put ringlets in it (ha ha!). At the age of 16 nothing chaneged in my routine (note that my hair was thick with about MAYBE 2a waves in it, and 1 length). Then, a few months after a new layered hair cut, I was busy finishing a project for school and wasn't able to dry my hair as usual. After I came into the kitchen my mom gave me a crazy look and told me to go look in the mirror...I had CRAZY loops, soft spirals and frizz galor (yuck). So I slapped some gel I had in it and was totally awe struck. I went to school the next day and everyone thought I got a perm! I lost my waves and curls during pregnancy, and finally after 10 years, and the right length I'm getting them back!:love4:
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    I discovered my waves by accident as well - I got caught out in the rain. I was a 1 in my 20's. I think it's part of your hair's life cycle to change pattern over time, some of us more than others.
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    welcome to a fellow Sooner!
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    I am in a similar boat. After having my 2nd daughter (our only child w/out curly hair), my hair changed. I have been blowing out and straightening for 5 years and just recently have been experimenting with my wavy hair. I have gotten lots of compliments and a lot of, "Did you get a perm?" Ha ha.

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