If you could pick any celeb curls, whose would you pick?



  • elenaargentelenaargent Posts: 8Registered Users
    Gina Torres
    Julia Roberts(my best friends wedding everytime i watched this movie I would look at hair and want it to be mine)
    Keri Russel(I decided to binge watch felicity and i just loved her hair in season 1)
    Curl Pattern:2c/3b
    Porosity:High/Normal(my hair is fast to dry but my hair takes in dye fine)

    Products I am trying
    Shampoo&Conditioner:SM Coconut and Hibiscus
    Deep Conditioning:AJ Flax-seed recipe fix my hair/CJ B&H Deep Fix
    Leave in:Im rotating different ones but I can't let go of my It's a 10 leave in/KCKT
    Curl Definer: EB coconut shea curl definer
    gel:CJ curls in a bottle/Miss Jessie's jelly soft curls.
  • BeautyOGBeautyOG Posts: 383Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Ariana Grande! :D

    3b, Medium Strands, Extremely High Density, Low Porosity, Around APL (curly)
    Blog: http://countrycurl.blogspot.com/ (Sent from CurlTalk App)
    My Hair:
    3b - Low Porosity - High Density - Medium/Course Strands - Virgin Hair - Armpit Length, Curly

    Current Products:
    DIY Shampoo
    Tresemme Aloe Conditioner
    It's a 10 Leave In
    Sweet Almond Oil
    Tresemme Mousse

    Current Length Goal: Waist Length, Curly

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