Japanese Hair Straightening??

Okaay, I can't describe how much I hate my hair.


^^^ As you can see in the picture, it's rather poofy.
But that's not even as bad as it gets. It gets pretty
big & frizzy looking.

I really want it to look like

Would the Japanese Hair Straightening/ Thermal Reconditioning make my hair look like that? Or what would? & I know I'm ugly, don't hafta tell me.


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    I had the Yuko done two years ago, and I can tell you: in the long run, it's completely not worth it! I had healthy hair, but after the Japanese Straightening, my hair was a dry, damaged mess. My hair kept breaking off, and I lost a lot of length. The Yuko merely made my hair wavy and poofy as opposed to silky and straight. (Although, I should mention I have low-porosity hair that is quite difficult to chemically process!) I still had to flat iron every day. Plus, your roots will grow in curly; the root touch ups are just as expensive as doing your whole head of hair.

    If you ever want to go natural again after your Yuko, you will have to cut it all off. I did the big chop in September '08 after being inbetween relaxed and natural hair for a year and a half. It's a major decision, and I'd spend a lot of time thinking about it before you make the plunge. Once you do it, you cannot go back. I truly regret relaxing my hair! I say try to embrace the beautiful curls you have. I think you have fantastic hair! Have you tried the CG method yet? It could help you a lot! :)

    My honest recommendation is to stay away from the Japanese Straightening; it's expensive, time consuming, and extremely damaging.
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