Easy hair style ideas

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In March my hair was cut to give me an inverted bob. It was short, and required me to straighten it every day to keep the style looking ok. If you had asked me in march if I would be able to wear my hair curly and look semi decent, I would have probably called you a liar.

Well, thanks to CG my curly hair is looking acceptable in public (YAY!!!), but the back is looking awful. There are really strong, short layers back there and unfortunately it's not long enough yet to cut it off.

Are there any cute hairstyles that anybody can recommend for me while I wait for it to grow out a little bit more? I need to hide those back layers.. it doesn't look very good with my curls and has a flattening effect :( I'm getting tired of the simple half up/half down look.

Ideally, I'd still like to be able to show off some of my newfound curls!
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    Eek. Other than half up-half down or all up, I'm not sure if there are many ways to hide the back portion of your hair. Is it long enough that you can get it into loose curly ponytail or even a clip with your hair twisted up and coming out?
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