Not shampooing problems

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Okay id love to try not shampooing ( can you list the benefits, does it help with dryness and frizzness) BUT i got coloured treated hair and its a shampoo one and i find it works wonder in terms of keeping my hair colour....

so what do i do? *

I got looser curls ontop then bottom and its quite dry and frizzed and i would need shopper drug mart products but dont want to spend*


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    First off, I don't know much about coloured treated hair because I only dyed my hair once about 10 years ago (I was 16, purple hair was in, and I hated it after a week). I'm not sure but I'd guess that not shampooing might actually help the colour stay in your hair. Maybe someone else has actually tried it and knows.

    As for products, many of the CG friendly products on this site aren't available in Canada and some are very hard to find. I use Down Under Naturals Papaya or Kiwi Conditioner and the Extra Hold gel. The bottle is green and has koala bears on it. You can get them at Shopper's (although it's usually cheaper at Wal-mart). I think Tresemme conditioner is also CG friendly and available in Canada. Both are fairly cheap.

    And the benefits of the CG routine? Where do I start? My hair is waaaaay less frizzy. My scalp is no longer flaky. I use way less money on hair products. Plus you get to freak people out by telling them you don't use shampoo!

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    kwilli wrote:
    Plus you get to freak people out by telling them you don't use shampoo!

    This, by the way, is the best part!! :wink::lol:

    My hair and scalp love being (mostly) shampoo free. (I shampoo once every two weeks or less.) I am much less frizzy, much more curly and tons happier!

    I wish I could help you with finding products . . . :(
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    i can try not shampooing ill give it a month but my whole worry is my hair colour fading b/c its a stunning red and the shampoo helps a lot.
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    I color mine, but also use a no poo routine. I'm a natural red who is fading with age, so I'm putting red back into it.

    I haven't had any problems with color fading, which is saying something since red fades faster than the other colors.

    Some of my routine is from the Devacare line, and some say that this is moisturizing for colored hair.

    I also think (but can't prove) that going sulfate free would be easier on the color since sulfates should eventually strip color.
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    bp wrote:
    i can try not shampooing ill give it a month but my whole worry is my hair colour fading b/c its a stunning red and the shampoo helps a lot.

    I don't see how not shampooing would fade your color at all. The Red shampoo fades it less than other shampoos would, but it doesn't "strengthen" the color. It makes it last longer compared to non color-safe shampoos, but not poo'ing at all should make it last even longer.
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    Shampooing strips colors - (regardless of using a color safe shampoo or not) so if you stop shampooing your color will be fine and last longer. The benefits are better curls, less frizz, more control...shall I go on?!!!
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    I loved cg but my hair got too greasy and dirty. :(
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