Funny things my kid says

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Isaiah was stuffing his face with chips

Hubby: I'm gong to have to ration you.
Isaiah: I'm going to ration YOU
Hubby: You don't even know what that means
Isaiah: Yeah I do. It means you're trying to starve somebody.

Isaiah: Mommy, I have to go to the baffroom
Me: Do you need to peepee
Isaiah: No. I have to poop. And it's going to be an explosion.

Afterwards he says "We have to flush this monster down"

My mother had put him in a long sleeved shirt. His reply: "I'm sweating like a pig at the county fair"

he got that from his dad. Thank goodness. I always say sweating like a hooker in church.

Please share your kiddie sayings.

and some new pictures just cause.




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    Hopefully you can get the gist of how funny this was. We were standing in line for the aquarium and Ivy (8) looks at Lucas (6) and goes "Hey Lukey, wanna know how to get all the hot chicks? First you drive up in your convertible, look at them (she pulls her sunglasses down a little now) and go "hey" (think Joey from Friends...and her fingers are in a gun point)." It was soooooo freakin funny I couldn't stop laughing. Although I need to teach her a thing or two about what girls should really be looking for.

    Here are my kiddoes all painted up at Disneyland

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    Ha! The ration thing was great! Your child is hilarious.

    Danae's latest doozy was a couple weeks ago. She went to a playdate at her friend's house and didn't want to leave. She started throwing a huge fit and yelled at me, "You don't even understand me!" I was like, "I thought I had a good 10 years before I had to hear that one!"

    Then, last week, she was singing (Mr. Roboto, for those who are interested...she loves that song). She looked up at me and said, "Mommy, I need to take singing lessons because I want to be a better singer. I need to practice." I didn't know she even knew singing lessons existed! It was so cute. She actually has pretty good pitch, so it's not a half-bad idea...
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    When Connor gets, ahem, a baby boner, he grabs his junk and gets a troubled look on his face and says, "It's stuck!"

    The other day, he woke up and had gone #2 in his pull-up, so of course he took it and his pants off, and the poo was in little pieces, and some got on the floor. :roll: When hubby went in to check on him, Connor said, "Look, poo-poo! Lots of poo-poos! Thirteen poo-poos!" He said the same thing this morning when I was changing Ollie's diaper. :lol:
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    A short while ago, while we were driving home, my DS was reaching into the air and pretending to eat. It looked like he was pretending to pick apples off a tree. Anyway, I asked him what he was doing...conversation went something like this:

    Me: E, what are you doing?
    E: I'm eating. I'm hungry.
    Me: Oh! What are you eating?
    E: I'm eating sunshine!
    Me: Wow! What does it taste like?
    E: chicken!

    My DS cooling off at the wading pool just outside my office.
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    I have to ask: Trenell, is that a dimple on Isiah's cheek?

    I love dimples.:love4:
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    ninja dog wrote: »
    I have to ask: Trenell, is that a dimple on Isiah's cheek?

    I love dimples.:love4:

    Yup. :)

    I just love little kid stories
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    I have no kids but I have 2 funny kid stories that I have to share:

    I did an internship in a kindergarten class once and every couple of days the teacher would ask one of the students if they had a word they wanted to learn how to spell. And then she would teach the whole class the word. One of the students wanted to know how to spell the word Bonsai.

    At the time I had no clue what Bonsai was. I was so happy that I was not the teacher because I would have been embarrassed not knowing what that word was. lol

    2nd story:
    (Jason is my friends nephew)

    Me: Hey Jason what are you doing? Are you playing with that door even though you're not supposed to. (He was opening and closing a heavy gate/door that leads you down to the backyard. I was nervous he would get his fingers caught or hit himself.)
    Jason: No!
    Me: So then what are you doing??
    Jason: I'm playing with the door.
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    Us potty-training has consisted of quite a few interesting conversations.

    ~We use an Elmo "Melmo" potty seat insert thingy and a step stool instead of a small potty. I was trying to sit him on a potty at my friend's house with no potty insert. I undressed him, and was lifting him up onto the seat. He picked his legs up & wrapped them around me & screamed "It's too BIG!" Apparently, he prefers the insert. I think he thought he would fall in.

    ~ Me: If you go in the potty- you get a candy!
    Him: (sitting on the potty pushing) It's stuck! It's tight!
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