Huge improvement! Now with pictures!

Jasper12Jasper12 Posts: 11Registered Users
I'm seeing huge improvement already! I'm not 100% sure I'm doing everything right but I'm getting some results!

I'm washing with Sauve Coconut conditioner and then conditioning with a JASON conditioner and then scrunching with gel and plopping with a hair turban for about 30 min. Today I sprayed some gel to finish it off.

Please tell me if I’m missing steps or if there is something I should be doing.

I have very thick hair that seems to love as much conditioner I can put on it.

I’m putting myself in the wavy (2) category but I’m not sure if that is correct.

Please any suggestions would be gladly accepted.

I’ve been following the no poo routine for about 2 weeks.

Thanks for helping me live curly and leave the straightening iron behind.

Before and after pictures below


  • anatidaephobiaanatidaephobia Posts: 343Registered Users
    Your hair looks wonderful!

    You're not missing any steps. You might want to consider adding a deep treatment every week or two, but that depends on your hair and how much moisture it needs.
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  • Jasper12Jasper12 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thank you anatidaephobia...

    What kind of deep treatment would you suggest???
  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    your hair looks fabulous!!!
  • MJLoveMJLove Posts: 70Registered Users
    Wow, what a change! :) You have a lot of nice, thick waves. I bet it'll just keep to continue to get better and better. I, too, am trying to give up my flat-iron... it's hard! You definitely don't need to iron your hair with those beautiful waves. Also, I think type 2 is right for you. :) Wavies rock.
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  • sexyjacksparrowsexyjacksparrow Posts: 439Registered Users
    Your hair is looking great!
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  • anatidaephobiaanatidaephobia Posts: 343Registered Users
    Jasper12 wrote: »
    Thank you anatidaephobia...

    What kind of deep treatment would you suggest???

    I use Curl Junkie Deep Fix, but it has a little protein in it so it might not be the right solution for you depending on whether your hair loves/likes/hates protein. A popular one is the Jessicurl weekly deep treatment. Also, you could alternatively just beef up your own preferred conditioner by adding olive oil or coconut oil (unrefined) and a little honey. Take a look in the Recipes for Hair and Body forum.
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  • solidgoldsolidgold Posts: 1,485Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Hi Jasper12--
    I think we may be hair twins! I know a lot of wavies use Sally's GVP Conditioning Balm. It's a really thick conditioner. I used it once to co-wash and would definitely use it again on days that I don't feel I need to 'poo, but I mostly low-poo because I only wash/style my hair every few days and I like that freshly shampooed feeling. I use [buylink=]Jessicurl's Gentle Lather Shampoo[/buylink] mixed with [buylink=]Hair Cleansing Cream[/buylink] and the Too Shea conditioner as my regular routine, but I just bought Avalon Organics Olive and Grape Seed shampoo and conditioner based on some wavy recommendations (it's available at my local health food store at about half the price of the Jessicurl) and I will use AvO once I use up my Jessicurl.

    As far as styling goes, my favorite by far is flax seed gel (super easy to make at home but also available to buy from Botticelli Babe) because it gives bouncy shiny soft frizz free results. Other good stylers I've played around with are [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink], Ecostyler (from Sally's Beauty), Jessicurl's Rockin' Ringlets and [buylink=]Confident Coils[/buylink], and [buylink=]Kinky Curly Curling Custard[/buylink] (also seems easy to make this type of product at home). There is a seemingly unlimited array of products to sample, which is overwhelming for me. I like to keep it simple, so I'm trying to find one thing that works and stick to it.

    I hope that was useful. It was cathartic to type it all out!
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  • Jasper12Jasper12 Posts: 11Registered Users
    Thank you everyone!

    such a wonderful group here at Naturally curly. I'm sooo thankfull I found this group.

    I really do want to try Jessicurl. I will maybe have to order some in the next little while.

    Solidgold I would love to be your twin. So much to learn.

    Have a great day!
  • wavy wonderwavy wonder Posts: 3,061Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I would agree that Jasper and Solidgold could be hair twins. YAY! it's so fun to have a twin. I want one:(
  • LadyBeeLadyBee Posts: 42Registered Users
    I dunno, wavy wonder, I think you and I are pretty close as far as hair goes. :)
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