Naturally Curly hair work best with hair color? or not!??

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Please advise. I'm ready to give up on my color if so. Thanks!


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    I'm sorry, I don't understand what you're asking. If you want to color your hair, go for it. There are no rules about whether or not people with curly hair can color.
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    ilovestyle wrote:
    Please advise. I'm ready to give up on my color if so. Thanks!

    I have seen some people on this BB comment that they didn't think their hair was as curly after coloring. I often wonder if my hair would curl better if I didn't color my hair as often.

    In my opinion, even if slight, you are always going to get some damage when you color your hair. I think you get more damage when you lighten.
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    I am a 3b, red and I cover my gray. I'm still just as curly, and I don't see much damage. I agree using peroxide or lightening the hair damages the cuticle and causes frizziness, it's night and day with color and lighteners. Color actually protects gray hair because gray loses it's pigment, and becomes coarse and frizzy, then breaks. Color flattens the cuticle and keeps it from breaking off. In my case I can't not color, but I won't use lighteners on top of color. I tried that once and it was a mistake.

    A good idea is to try coloring or lightening your bangs first.


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