color ruined my curls!

megansuemegansue Posts: 1Registered Users
i had red hilights for a year just for some fun, but when i wanted them gone i went to the salon to have my hair dyed back it's natural light-brown color. I walked out of there with straight hair. THAT WAS LAST OCTOBER! and my hair is still wavy! is it going to grow back in curly? what can i do to help it come back? i dont want straight hair....


  • GuyanaGal718GuyanaGal718 Posts: 207Registered Users
    It sounds like its overprocessed. Color tends to relax the curl a little bit, but not nearly as much as a relaxer/perm would.

    Sometimes hair textures change throughout your lifetime...but if your hair was curly before it will grow back curly...the color only damaged the already there hair.
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